Inverters & chargers

  • 230V Inverters

    Inverters transform the direct current (DC) panels or batteries current alternative (AC) 220V they can be of 2 categories: inverters with modified sine inverters modified sine voltage are cheap and effective. However, the quality of the current produced is lower than that of the network. This type of inverter is to avoid for sensitive devices. The inverters to pure sinusoidal voltage (pure sine wave) reproduce a quality power similar to that of the public network. They can be used to power any device.

  • On-grid PV inverters

    The inverters connected to the network to convert the direct current produced by the solar panels in an alternating current sine wave. The UPS perfectly synchronize its output current at the frequency of 50 Hz of the public power grid. The UPS adapts its output to changes in network voltages. The electric network voltage, ideally to 230V, knows of variations. In case of failure or overvoltage of the power grid, the inverter network disconnects. By abuse of language, often referred to as 'inverter' a uninterrupted power supply, including security for desktop power supplies. In fact, the inverter is only a part of this diet. These security supplies include also filters, a charging circuit, a battery and a management interface. WattUneed offers the range of photovoltaic inverters UPS Vision. We sell these inverters for 5 years and directly provide service (during the 5 years warranty standard Exchange)

  • Box pre wired

    Our pre-wired plug n play boxes require no Assembly. Simply plug in the battery and connect the panels, impossible with this system to be wrong in the polarities. The Cabinet is supplied entirely Prewired with a 230V socket and a ventilation Grill. If you need more space or have reservations with the installation, this package is for you!

  • Spare parts

    Spare parts and accessories for inverter and solar converters. We also offer accessories for converters and inverters