Have you decided to install your own photovoltaic system but don't know where to start?

We have produced a number of connection diagrams for the various components of a solar photovoltaic system.

Solar panels

 Parallel connection of two solar panels   Series connection of five panels to the WKS


Parallel connection of two batteries  Connecting a 24V solar battery bank  Connecting a 48V solar battery bank  

Communication diagram

Communication diagram between the WKS EVO Circle UPS and the Pylontech batteries

Schematic diagram

Connection diagram with 2-pole changeover contact  Connection diagram with 4-pole changeover contact  https://www.wattuneed.com/en/content/170-schema-de-branchement-classe-1-avec-l-onduleur-wks-evo-circle  Connection diagram Class 2 - 2 WKS EVO CIRCLE  

Connection diagram - Class 3 with 4 WKS EVO CIRCLE and OPZV storage  Schematic diagram of how the WKS EVO CIRCLE 5.6 kVA works  Schematic diagram of the WKS EVO Circle, a series of eight panels with storage  AC connection diagram for the WKS EVO Circle inverter 

Schematic diagram of how the 4-panel, 4-battery 12V kit works with the WKS EVO 5KVA 48V inverter  Connection diagram with the Sermatec inverter  Autoconso kit from 11 to 22 15kVA panels with storage and reinjection  Connection diagram with the WKS EVO MAX 10kVA 48V inverter with storage   

Connection diagram for Tiny Village 6 WKS EVO MAX II inverters with lithium storage  Connection diagram with Sofar Solar inverter and Pylontech battery

Solar kits

assembling a 24V stand-alone solar kit   Système 50W 26Ah  Système 100W 55Ah   

6-panel 3kVA self-consumption kit with lithium storage and re-injection

          Kit autoconsommation 4 panneaux 3kva avec stockage et réinjection  Kit autoconsommation 12 panneaux 3kVA stockage et réinjection        Kit autoconsommation 20 panneaux 5kVA stockage et réinjection   Kit autoconsommation 30 panneaux 10kVA stockage et réinjection   Kit autoconsommation 72 panneaux 20kVA stockage et réinjection   


      kit WKS 1kVA inverter connected with 3 panels and 4 batteries  kit WKS inverter connected with 3 panels in serie