Solar kit

You have Chosen solar energy? Congratulations! Many in Circumstances of life, you can adopt this energy, affordable Because natural, and appreciate the economy It provides. WattUneed is here to put the sun in your hands.

  • Off-grid solar kit

    Solar energy is not only renewable, it is also practical and functional. It allows to provide electricity for all isolated sites not connected to the electric network public thanks to solar panels. Whether for your cottage, your garden, your vehicle, your boat... WattUneed has the solution for a partial or total electric range. Have power in 12V/24V or 230V where you want and when you want. Each solar kit contains the material needed to produce and store your solar energy. As an option, we can you precabler the controller and converter in a box waterproof (Ip65) with MC4 connectors and plug 220V on the side. You can also purchase each item separately so as to best adapt the power and/or the autonomy of the kit according to your needs and add hardware subsequently. Power a site isolated electricity has never been easier!

  • Grid-tie solar kit

    Install your solar panels yourself Thanks to our solar kits. We provide you with everything you need for the installation of solar panels at home. We also support the placement of your facilities. Kits consist of: - several monocrystalline solar panels or sharp - a UPS - the number of rails needed aluminum - fixing for tiles or slate hooks - clames them fasteners for panels - the Stainless bolts and screws for frames - solar cable and cable AC - one box 4 modules - a circuit breaker AC - MC4 connectors crimped on the optional cable, we have the opportunity to make the placement of the signs - the connection to the box - or juice you verification of installation as well as administrative formalities. We can also advise you for placement and customize your kit to your needs.

  • Uninterruptible power supply

    Our kits solar chainsaw are composed of solar batteries and an inverter. The batteries to avoid the blackouts by feeding your home in 230V through the inverter. This system is more economical than a group generator and less noisy!