Solar battery

Solar batteries, sometimes known as semi-stationary, stationary or slow discharge, discharge are specially designed to support many successive cycles of charge and discharge over a long period. They have a high efficiency (amount of energy absorbed and returned). For information, the lifespan of a battery is inversely proportional to the depth of discharge daily.

  • AGM / GEL battery

    This kind of sealed battery use the "Absorbed Glass Mat" technology. The electrolyte is impregnated in the glass fiber and can not flow. The transport and handling are much easier.
    AGM batteries are not really sensitive to damaging effects of frost as they contain no liquid. Those batteries are also more resistant to shock and vibration than conventional batteries.
    They also have a very low self discharge rate (between 1% and 3% per month) which is ideal for long-term storage without frequent recharging.
    The internal resistance of AGM batteries is very low, so there is little internal heat when they are used, it allows greater flexibility of charge or discharge rate.
    For solar use, AGM batteries are ideal: no maintenance, no gas release, using conventional charge rate (lets you use any standard charging system), minimal maintenance during the winter season.

  • Premium battery

    The OPzS and OPzS batteries are unbeatable in long-life time. A battery dimensioned with a 20% daily discharge can bear until 8000 charge-discharge cycles.
    Closed lead battery - OPzS:
    - Tube plate: maximum cyclic life
    - Complies with DIN
    - Recombinator gas: considerable distance from the water fill rate up to lack of maintenance
    Sealed lead battery - OPzV:
    - Electrolyte in gel form: maintenance
    - Tube plate: maximum cyclic life
    - Complies with DIN

  • Lithium batteries

    Our lithium batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) LiFePO4 offer many advantages compared to lead acid batteries. Lowering their prices, they gradually replace lead batteries. They have a much faster load capacity, allowing to exploit the slightest ray of sunshine in off-grid installation without being limited by the internal resistance of the battery.
    A lead battery, depending on its capacity will be limited in load power. With lithium, you load with the maximum of what the controller can give. Unbeatable also during the discharge: they can easily withstand very rapid discharges.

  • Battery park

    Enjoy a better price by choosing directly a battery park for the alimentation of your off-grid site. Available in 12V, 24V or 48V. We can also provide you a customized battery park, please contact us. We provide complete wiring in option and batteries are tested one by one before delivery.

  • Battery Accessories

    Everything needed to connect your batteries.