50Wc Solar Kit - 35Ah / 55Ah - 12V


196,80 € tax incl.


Solar kit for isolated site

50Wc polycrystalline solar panel
Solar charge regulator LS10/24B 10 amps
GEL 12V 35Ah battery (or 55Ah optional)
Cables and accessories provided (5m solar cable and 2m battery cable)

GEL 12V 55Ah battery available as an option.


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Complete 50Wc kit with wiring and cable-set connections


  • 1 50Wc polycrystalline solar panel
  • 1 LS10/24B charge controller 10A
  • 1 GEL 12V 35Ah battery
  • 5m solar cable 2X4mm2 
  • 2m 2X4mm2 cable with battery pods
  • male and female MC4 connectors set on cable

50Wc polycrystalline solar panel

panneau solaire 50Wc


The connection is simple and fast (60cm of cable with MC4 socket)

  • Normal NOCT use temperature: 45oC
  • Wind resistance: 130 km/h
  • Maximum hailstone diameter: 25 mm
  • Hail impact speed: 80 km/h
  • Light and reinforced anodized aluminum frame
  • High glass transmissivity
  • Box "plug and play" with 2 diodes
  • Glass secures 4mm thick




Maximum Power (Pmax) (W)


Maximum peak current (Imp) (A)


Open circuit tension (Voc) (V)


Short circuit current (Isc) (A)


Operating temperature (C)

-40 to 85 lbs 

Weight (kg)



Aluminium anodized 

Frame thickness

35 mm


670 x 545 Mr



regulateur de charge 10A

PWM LS1024B Charge Regulator - 10A

  • Capacity: 10 amps.
  • Tension: 12v or 24V
  • This regulator can accommodate up to 240 watts of solar panels (in a 24V system)
  • Temperature compensation 
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Technology: PWM.
  • Fully programmable if used with its display
           All load voltages can be changed between 9 and 17V (X2 for 24V), disconnection voltage also
           Consumer outing programming in a day/night or hourly mode




Got it:

Regulator PWM 10A
Epsolar PWM LS1024B

Gel 12V 35Ah battery


Freeze batteries are waterproof batteries: no maintenance, no addition of distilled water. Enhanced safety compared to open lead batteries.
An GEL battery can withstand 100% discharge and return to its nominal capacity if the maintenance time discharged is short. This series has a longer discharge time compared to other batteries. Its special plate design increases battery life and especially in warmer temperatures. A separator within the battery improves its performance. It also has a longer shelf life.


  • Rated voltage: 12V 
  • Capacity: 35Ah
  • Dimensions: L 195 x l 130 x H 180 mm
  • Weight: 11.2 kg

Cables and connections

High lifespan

Thanks to the double sheath, these cables are easy to strip and extremely resistant to UV, heat, cold and weather both indoors and outdoors.

(5m solar cable and 2m battery cable)

cable solaire


Solar cable 2X4mm2 copper.

Thanks to the double sheath, these cables are easy to strip and extremely resistant to UV, heat, cold and weather both indoors and outdoors.

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  • Average Grade : 4 /5
  • P. Jacques
  •  the 04/11/2017
  • 4/5
Fonctionne correctement a voir a l'usage dans le temps Pas de fiche pour l'installation et l'orientation du panneau
  • B. Jean
  •  the 04/08/2017
  • 4/5
bon produit visuellement que je vais installer et je ferais un commentaire apres sur le fonctionnent et la fiabilité


Wind TurbinWithout
Battery storageWith storage
Output Kit voltage12V
Number of panels1 panel
BatteryKit with battery
Inverter power- de 1000VA
Grid reinjectionoff-grid