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Quentin Vlamynck - Mini Transat 2015 goal

A promising young skipper!

Having started sailing at the age of 10 years, to take the wide it is always made to feel looking more or less distant departures from major races at the broad. A quick passage in dinghies to learn the basics, but many more sailing in habitable. I also have my mentoring of sailing, and I supervised a team of club in Optimist in a year. At the age of 21, I'm starting to challenge to be on the starting line of the Transat 2015.

Wide wide lens

Held every 2 years, the mini transat is a transatlantic race which takes place alone and without assistance, on board sailing ships 6.50 m. Founded in 1997 by the British Bob Salmon, race connects Lanzarote, Douarnenez and Pointe-à-Pitre and falls off the beaten path.
A prestigious race that reunites with the adventurous spirit of the first transatlantic since competitors have only the technical minimum required for the crossing! Even today, this regatta is the culmination of the course of the Mini class.
Real school of racing offshore and solo, the skipper must be versatile and independent but also efficient to meet the requirements of a famous race as difficult as trainer! A challenge for which Quentin is ready! www.quentinvlamynck.fr



 Jacques Riguidel - around the world

A man of sensations

For Jacques Riguidel, sail solo, it's search for itself, it's embarking on a fundamentally human adventure. "Listen to the wind, watching the sea, decide, plan, anticipate, believe, live your dream every day, freedom is the price, happiness also" (excerpt from around the world in solar..)
Jacques Riguidel does not win a race. His around the world is not based on the confrontation of competitors, but rather on the search for oneself... After putting to test his pragmatism by careful preparation, the browser will leave once again at sea looking for solitude, his feelings, and emotions. Sailing provides the pleasure, the pleasure of feeling the boat forward as best as possible with the wind, by being on the lookout for clues that help you understand the reactions of the boat. Jacques navigates the high seas with the minimum of tools, is limited to the minimum necessary. Indeed, the instruments are blocking the sensations.  This requires a receptive State of mind, vigilant, as well as permanent a concentration. Travel, it is the opposite of dream, it is concrete in the journey, is the deeply human, physical: the body transmits sensations, we learn to enter. Traveling is not something superhuman. On the contrary it is pushed to the extreme human.

A reflective man

Around the world of Jacques Riguidel illustrative and alert on the urgency of working to save the planet. " We live in completely different worlds, to the opposite values. Here bum in luxury in sea orbit, there consumer frozen, modest and resigned, well programmed from childhood to consume, acquire, accumulate, protect themselves. "[excerpt from around the world in solar, 96 th day] first around the world undertaken by Jacques was already remarkable economy of means implemented. Yet once, Jacques embarks with his second round the world on an adventure useful. For our sailor judoka, the common point between sailing and Judo is the optimal use of energy. The sail apply this fundamental principle of Judo insofar as it transforms the energy of the wind into speed. For the browser, the idea of optimization of energy corresponds to a way of being. The technical choice of Jacques illustrate a major idea: we can do great things with limited means. Major projects don't necessarily rhyme with wasted energy. The browser wants to travel differently and show that it is possible to do the Grand Tour with a minimum of energy. A sailboat off the coast like the Earth in the universe. He has the energy of the Sun and must respect the balance between production and consumption.





Hervé Moine and Éric Decellières (Team France 2) 58 th Cup aeronautical Gordon Bennett


"Each flight in a balloon is a new adventure, with all that it has discovered new limits: those men, those of the weather tools, those of our aerial ship". We will participate in the aeronautical Gordon Bennett Cup with total commitment, that is pushing all sliders to the known limitations when it is needed, and with a certain taste for the adventure still possible today in this legendary race.

Hervé monk (North - Pas-de-Calais and Picardy)

The youngest competitor on the famous race Gordon Bennett, ranked 5 th on 18 international crews, 668 km against 1 402 km for the winner, his instructor!


  • Hot air balloon: 350 ascents to 360 hours.
  • Gas balloon: more than 60 hours.
  • Ball Aerophile to Disney Village (France), Citroën (France) and
  • Pattaya (Thailand) with 1700 ascents to 350 hours.
  • Amateur gas and hot air balloon balloon Builder.
  • Professional balloon pilot.
  • Currently in training in a workshop of repair and maintenance of
  • balloons in the northeast of the France.


Eric Decellieres (Burgundy)

  •  1st flight in 1991.
  •  Pilot balloon hot air since 1993.
  •  Pilot balloon gas since June 2010 (instructor Vincent Leÿs).
  •  200 hours of flight only (many activities of organization...)

Departure to Vichy to the Gordon Bennett from August 28 to September 6, 2014. The take-off of each balloon is made from a podium at the sound of the national anthem, and the applause of the public. Attracting thousands of visitors on the place of take-off in the years 1920-1930, the Gordon Bennett aeronautic Cup demonstrated today an extraordinary public enthusiasm. The balloon trip makes always dream!


Yann CLAVERIE - Mini Transat 2015 project

  • Date of birth: October 02, 1976
  • Training: Mechanical engineer (Polytech' Lyon 2000)
  • Profession: Supply Chain Manager 
  • Sanden Manufacturing Europe (Tinténiac - 35)
  • Qualities: persevering, rigorous and passionate


I shot my first edges of dinghy 20 years in le Havre. Since then, it's a passion born and led me first to the cruise I've especially practiced as Skipper with my First 30 for 7 years, then to the regatta I started in 2004 on various supports IRC (X 302, X 332 (, J80, J105, First 33.7, Sun Fast 32, etc...). The attraction I feel for the Mini 6.50 and what they represent is old. It is therefore natural that I took the opportunity to acquire one in 2012 in order to start the solo offshore racing.
Everything is designed now to complete this project of race to the wide so GO GO GO!



Around the world by sailboat zero emissions

Béranger, François, Martin and stone

Four friends, graduates of schools of business and engineering.
The idea is to turn a yacht of 1978 in a completely autonomous vessel energetically, able to cross the globe without a drop of gas.
Production: install industrial systems and therefore available to all. Prove the reliability of green technologies used at the end of the world to promote sustainable mobility and use their limited young graduates to demonstrate the accessibility of these practices to the majority of boaters.

A comprehensive ecological approach: material and products used, power, respect for ecosystems, etc. The realization of marine science missions: installation of beacons, harvest, observations of ecosystems.

A bimonthly web-series combining navigation, discovery of the regions of call, meetings all over the world and presentation of ecological actions on board as on Earth. Monitoring of the project by many schoolchildren and hospitalized children: a continuous link with the crew and educational activities to discover nature and the means to protect.



Video presentation of the project: 

Video "Electric Propulsion and energy autonomy":

Here's how Amasia, their boat moves independently and responsible.
Solar Wattuneed, electric Naviwatt, wind ATMB, ODC Marine, motor controllers Sevcon storage system, Leroy Somer electric motors.



Four on two transat's

Participants à 4 sur 2 transats

Eleanor, Arthur, Alexander and Timothy are four longtime friends, fans of sailing and adventure buffs. They want a challenge: go around the Atlantic ocean to sail on a boat they have restored and transformed themselves.

At the heart of this adventure, a solidarity mission anime them: transmit their passion for sailing to sick children, disabled or out of school. In contact with close to forty children, they will make them get on their boat in Marseille then write them an interactive logbook each week for nine months. By reading and writing, they provide a way to learn differently and discover new horizons! 

The connection is a more entrepreneurial goal. Students in business school, these four young people will sail in partnership with several water startup to help their expansion and boost their customers in areas where they travel. 

The departure is scheduled for September 2016!
The choice of the boat is probably what attracts the most attention during the long months of preparation. need them to find a boat that will allow them to cross the Atlantic in one year twice.
They lift the Brittany or Mediterranean sails according to the place where they will find the perfect boat! The first step will be the Iberian peninsula or the Strait of Gibraltar... Story to follow on their site www.aquatresurdeuxtransats.com/

à quatre sur deux transat's : le parcours