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Micro inverter 800VA Hoymiles HM-800


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Hoymiles' HM-600/HM-700/HM-800 series 2-in-1 micro-inverter is a reliable solution for photovoltaic systems with an odd number of solar panels.

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Micro inverter 800VA Hoymiles HM-800

2-in-1 micro-inverter with serial connection with a wide range of DC input operating voltages (16 V-60 V) and a low starting voltage (22 V only).
Hoymiles' HM-600/HM-700/HM-800 series 2-in-1 micro-inverter is a reliable solution for photovoltaic systems with an odd number of solar panels.


Easy to install

Hoymiles micro-inverters are designed to be ready to use and quickly get your solar ecosystem up and running.

Adjustable energy

Configure your micro-inverters according to your installation and the layout of your solar panels.

High reliability

Hoymiles micro-inverters have low failure rates and a built-in anti-surge system.

Monitoring support

Micro inverters are equipped with an external antenna for better communication and more stable monitoring.

High efficiency

With an MPPT efficiency rate of 99.8%, most of the production of your photovoltaic panels is converted into usable energy.

Compliant energy

Our micro-inverters comply with EN50549-1:2019 standards, among others.



Current module power range (W)Up to 380 (single panel)Up to 440 (single panel)Up to 500 (single panel)
MPPT voltage range with maximum power (V)29 to 4833 to 4834 to 48
Starting voltage (V)22
Operating voltage range (V)16 to 60
Maximum input voltage (V)60
Maximum input intensity (A)2 x 11.52 x 12.5
Maximum input short circuit intensity (A)2 x 15
Maximum return intensity feeding the module (A)0
Rated output power (VA)600700800
Rated output intensity (A)2.73 to 220 V
2.61 to 230 V
2.50 to 240 V
3.18 to 220 V
3.04 to 230 V
2.92 to 240 V
3.64 to 220 V
3.48 to 230 V
3.33 to 240 V
Rated output voltage/voltage range (Hz)220/180 to 275
230/180 to 275
240/180 to 275
Rated voltage/frequency range (Hz)45 to 55 (under 50 Hz at 220 V and 230 V)
55 to 65 (under 60 Hz at 220 V and 230 V)
Power factor> 0.99 default
0.8 ahead... 0.8 delay
Harmonic distortion of output intensity< 3%
Maximum number of units per branch8 to 220 V
8 to 230 V
8 to 240 V
7 to 220 V
7 to 230 V
7 to 240 V
6 to 220 V
6 to 230 V
6 to 240 V
EFFICIENCY, SAFETY and protection
Maximum efficiency of the micro-inverter96,70%
CEC weighted efficiency96,50%
Nominal MPPT efficiency99,80%
Nighttime power consumption (mW)< 50
Ambient temperature range (°C)-40 to + 65
Storage temperature range (°C)-40 to + 85
Dimensions (mm)250 x 170 x 28
Weight (kg)3
Device leak ratingNEMA 6 Outdoor Standards (IP67)
CoolingNatural convection (without fan)
Pollution levelPD3
TopologyHigh frequency transformers
CommunicationProprietary 2.4GHz RF System (Nordic)
MonitoringHoymiles monitoring platform
(DTU Hoymiles required)
Guarantee12 years (standard)
ComplianceVDE-AR-N 4105:2018, EN 50549-1:2019, VFR2019,
AS 4777.2:2015, IEC/EN 62109-1/-2, IEC/EN 61000-3-2/-3,




Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Nombre de MPPT1 MPPT