Converter Sunko 12V 220V 1200W


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D.C. pure sine wave inverter 12V to AC220V 1200W
Color: White silverTaille: 332 x 160 x 88 mm
Material: Aluminium alloy shell

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Converter SUNKO 12V/24V 220V 1200W




1. Smart control MCU, high-end MOSFET, better performance and better protection.
2. Surge, low voltage, overheating, overload, short circuit, reverse connection protection.
3. With the smart LCD screen, shows the operating state of the inverter at all times.
4. With temperature-controlled cooling fan.
5. With USB 2.1A socket.
6. Gradual start function, increased loading capacity.
7. High work efficiency, low temperature at full load.
8. Aluminium alloy shell, heat-free.



Can be widely used for solar energy system, wind energy system, refrigerator, refrigerator, air conditioning, water pump, engine, car, LED light, camera, fan, hairdryer, electric light, electric kettle, TV, CD player, cell phone, laptop, laptop, etc.



Nominal power1,200 W
Continuous power1,200 W
Peak power2400 W
   Entry sectionCC entry tension12 V541
CC operating voltage10-15 V20-30 V
CC low voltage protection9.3 ± 0.5 V18.6 ± 0.5 V
Protection against CC surges15.5 ± 0.5 V31 ± 0.5 V
Exit sectionExit wave formPure sine wave
Exit tension220V-240V
Exit frequency50 Hz ± 1%
Resting current≤0.45A≤0.25A
Fuse30A - 620A - 6
Transfer efficiency≥93%
Buzzer Sound AlarmYes
Overload protectionYes
Short circuit protectionYes
Reverse connection protectionYes (grilled fuse)
USB output voltageDC 5V (USB 2.1A socket)
Cooling T ypeBy smart cooling fan
Operating temperature0 degrees Celsius -40 degrees Fahrenheit
Temperature protection≥70 degrees Fahrenheit
Green LED flagGreen light (work)
Red LED flagRed light (error protection)
Size332 x 160 x 88 mm
Weight3.2 kg



Power1200 W