Anti "Prosumer tax" kits

Since 1 October 2020, the prosumer tariff has been in place, covering the use of electricity networks, separate from any tax. Prior to this, only consumers without solar panels and prosumers who exceeded their output bore the costs of the grid. This tariff means that prosumers contribute to grid costs when they consume more than they produce, potentially reducing the cost per kWh for most. The principle of reverse accounting of electricity produced and consumed remains.

Prosumers can choose between two tariffs: the capacity/flat-rate tariff, linked to the power of the photovoltaic installation and self-consumption at 37.76%, or the proportional/actual tariff. The amount of the flat-rate tariff is set by the grid operator.
Example of charge (based on power) for a 5 kVa installation with inverter:
Ores Verviers prosumer charge: €425.20/year
Ores Namur prosumer tax: €386.35/year
RESA prosumer tax: €385.95/year

To avoid the prosumer tax, simply replace the meter with an intelligent model and the grid inverter with a hybrid inverter with lithium batteries to store solar energy and provide a secure power supply in the event of a power cut.

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