Solar charge regulator

The role of the solar controller is toensure and regulate charging batteries. It optimizes the power of signs and prevents deep discharge/overloads harmful to the long life of the batteries.

There are currently 2 types of solar controller on the market: PWM solar regulators (Pulse Wide Management) have a good performance and optimize the battery charge. It's currently the regulators with the best price/performance ratio. MPPT solar regulators (Maximum Power point Tracking) when them operate within the energy provided by the panels by varying their voltage according to the brightness. Under the terms, they can be up to 35% more powerful than the PWM regulators

  • PWM regulator

    The PWM regulators are the most used in off-grid photovoltaic systems. They can improve the charge of the battery. To complete the full charge, they separate the current provided by the panels and send it to the batteries in the form of pulses. These pulses are modulated (+ or- long, frequent + or-) by the accurate reading of the regulator to the battery terminals. This allows it to know the charge level.
    The role of PWM controllers is not only limited to fully charge of the battery, they also help to limit sulfation plate batteries thanks to high frequency pulses.
    There are several kinds of PWM controllers, some with basic functions and other more complex, are equipped with software that continuously manage the battery status.

  • MPPT regulator

    The MPPT regulators (Maximum Power Point Tracking) have an advanced technology that constantly searches the maximum power point and thereby get the best performance of the photovoltaic panels. The MPPT increase the energy of an installation, they optimize the charge of the battery and prolong their life.
    The MPPT regulators check the voltage of the panel to find the output point of maximum power. They are able to adjust the voltage supplied by the panel to align it to the voltage that the battery can receive.

  • Box pre wired

    Our pre-wired "plug and play" boxes require no installation. Just plug in the battery and connect the panels. With this system, it is not possible to make mistakes in polarity. The cabinet is delivered fully pre-wired with a 230V outlet and a ventilation grille. If you need more room or are reluctante to do the installation, this package is for you !