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Solar controller SRNE MA Series 12/24V 40A MA2460N15


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The MA Series controller adopts industry-leading MPPT maximum power tracking technology to achieve maximum solar panel energy. It can quickly and accurately track the maximum power point of the solar cell in any environment and get the solar energy in real time. The maximum energy of the solar panel can significantly improve the energy utilization rate of the solar system. Widely used in off-grid solar PV systems, solar panel, battery and charge management is the central control component of an off-grid PV system. Inside the controller, there are perfect functions for detecting and protecting software and hardware defects, which can minimize installation errors and system failures. damage to components.

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller


• Using MPPT technology, MPPT tracking efficiency can reach 99.9%.
• Support for CAN communication function (optional).
• Support a wide variety of batteries such as sealed, colloidal, open type battery, lithium battery and user-customized battery.
• Support line loss compensation of charging voltage, so that the control of the charging voltage of the battery is more accurate (partial models).
• Support capacitive starting load and inductive load.
• RS485 communication supporting standard Modbus protocol, with adjustable baud rate.
• Support for TTL communication of the standard Modbus protocol, with fixed transmission speed.
• With a perfect mechanism of charge and discharge protection, such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overheating and short circuit.




Static power consumption≤50mA
Battery type
USE/FLD/GEL/LI.SLD (default)
System voltage12/24V
Battery operating voltage range8V-32V
Nominal charging current60A
Maximum PV input current53A
Maximum power of the solar panel800W/12V
Maximum open circuit voltage of pv150V
MPPT operating voltage range
(Battery voltage +2) ~ 110V
MPPT Performance>99%
Load conversion efficiency
85%-98% (10%~100% of rated power)
Nominal charging current40A

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