FlatFix fusion profile base 75/55/37 View full size

FlatFix fusion profile base 75/55/37


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This part fits into the FlatFix Fusion flat roof mounting system.
It makes it possible to fix panel lines together.

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" FLatFix 75/55/37 Profile - FlatFix Mounting Structure "



Flatfix ballast rack


FlatFix Fusion is a lightweight system.
Due to the coupled and closed structure, the system only needs to be ballasted (weighted) on a number of strategic points. This means that the additional roof load is very low. In the universal ballast holder, various types of ballast can be used, such as gravel, concrete pavers and retaining straps.

The profile profile "75/55/37" makes it possible to join two lines of panels (see the element next to the orange arrows).
The FlatFix Fusion Base De Profile is available in three lengths (selectable in the options):

• 75 cm;
• 55 cm;
• 37cm.