FlatFix flatFix rear wind deflector mounting system


12,79 € tax incl.


This part is part of the FlatFix Fusion flat roof assembly system.
It is used at the rear of the system and is used to protect solar panels from winds and weather conditions while providing moderate ventilation.

A tailwind deflector per panel!

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Panel protection and ventilation with a wind deflector



Tailwind deflector

Protecting the system and wind panels while remaining open for good ventilation. 

The back of the panel is protected by a universal wind deflector. This ensures protection of the system and solar panels and improves the life of the panels.

Supplied with its fastening screws.

Warning: a rear panel deflector.




This FlatFix Fusion wind deflector closes the rear of the FlatFix Fusion system, allowing for an aerodynamic system. The wind deflector is made of high quality steel and is also available in black.


Model 1600: Suitable for JNL 280/300, Eurener 300, Hanover 320, Hyundai 345, ...

Model 1700: Suitable for Trina 335, BenQ 320, Q.cells Duo G6 335, Q.cells Duo G8 360, ...