FlatFix flat roof system for panels from 98 to 104 cm wide

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Structure on the ground or on flat roof for solar panels, adjustable length.

Inclination: 13°

Ideal for the creation of solar fields!

For panels from 98cm to 104cm wide (with profile of 94cm)

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Lightweight and flexible mounting system for solar panels

Schéma flatfix fusion



FlatFix Fusion is used for fixing solar panels on a flat roof. Lightweight, the structure allows a tailor-made assembly of the panels in order to obtain an optimal solution for any flat roof. 
The system is designed for quick and easy assembly using few components. The main components are connected to each other by means of interlocking joint notches. You only need a tool to mount the solar panels. This significantly reduces the time required for installation without compromising on quality!

Cabling management:

In order to reduce the potential risk of interference in panel wiring, the structure incorporates a cable management system. This also prevents them from lying on the ground.

• This system is suitable for panels from 98cm to 104cm wide (with 94cm profile).
If your panel exceeds these dimensions, you can redirect to the FlatFix fastening system for panels from 105cm to 115 cm wide (profile of 103cm) by waxing here. 

Structure légèreSuitable for almost any flat roof.

Placement is quick and easy, with minimal ballasting. What makes this system unique is its flexibility: the same parts can be used to build a classic installation to the south, for an East-West or North-South exposure. 
Thanks to its 13-degree tilt angle, the PV system will produce good performance in just about any orientation.

Requires little ballasting!

Flatfix Fusion is a lightweight structure and requires little ballast arranged at strategic points. This makes it possible not to add too much extra load on a roof.



Thermal integrity and robustness


The components of the system are connected to each other by fixed parts with self-clicking interlocking. The system is designed so that the thermal effects of the building are not transmitted to the panels and vice versa. This avoids damaging the panels or the integrity of the roof.

Transport and handling

The components of the fastening system are assembled thanks to self-clicking junction parts. The system is composed of a small number of parts and requires very little material, which makes it simple to transport, handle but also to assemble.


Choix option

How to choose a system adapted to my panels

To choose a mounting system adapted to your panels, nothing could be simpler: simply select the number of panels per row that you desire in options.

If you want a 2nd row: you need to add a second mounting system to your cart.

>> Accessories are also available at the bottom of the product page: wind deflectors and ballast rack.




The basic parts of the FlatFix system allow you to mount your panels on structure. 

Les pièces de base du système flatflix fusion



The basic system can be supplemented by 3 complementary products to optimize and secure your panels (utility according to the conditions of use).

déflecteur de vent2 Wind deflectors / windbreaker sides - FlatFix

Protection of the system and panels against wind while remaining open to allow good ventilation. 

This ensures protection of the system and solar panels and improves the life of the panels.

See wind deflectors sides

Déflecteur arrière

Wind deflector / tailwind - FlatFix

Protection of the system and panels against wind while remaining open to allow good ventilation. 

See the rear deflector

Rack pour lestage

Rack for ballasting - FlatFix

Ballast rack to ensure the secure maintenance of the structure in place.

See rack for ballast

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