X3-EPS BOX Solax


524,33 € tax incl.

The EPS box is a Solax accessory to manage the EPS output of hybrid inverters.

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Solax EPS Box


X3-EPS BOX Solax



EPS Box incorporates two contactors that allow for a simple connection for users. 

It is compatible with The X-hybrid E-Series inverters.
With EPS Box, customers only need to connect 6 wires between the inlent and the EPS Box.
It can simplify the operation and improve security.







Nominal network tension3/N/PE-400/230V
Nominal network frequency50/60Hz
Max. Network Entry Current3X63A
Nominal power voltage 3/N/PE-400/230V
Rated frequency of EPS50/60Hz
Max. SAEU Entry Current3X63A
Nominal Rated Charge Nominal Tension3/N/PE-400/230V
Nominal charge frequency50/60Hz
Max. Charge current3X63A
Above the VOltage category
Operating temperature range-20-60 degrees Celsius
Intrusion protectionIP65