Differential switch type A 4P 63A 30ma View full size

Differential switch type A 4P 63A 30ma


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Differential switch type A 4P 63A 30ma

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Differential switch type A 4P 63A 30ma



Differential switches are devices that are placed in front of them and protect against leakage currents to earth unacceptable. They protect people against electric shock.



In case of a leakage current with a residual pulsating direct current, an imbalance appears in the primary coil of the toroid, thereby generating a residual magnetic field in the core. This residual magnetic field in turn generates a voltage and a current in the secondary coil which solicits over. The relay in turn solicits the release device and open the contacts under spring pressure.

Main features
Product nameResi9 RCCB
Product functionResidual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
NShort name of the deviceResi9 RCCB
Description of the poles4P
Position of the neutral poleLeft
Rated operational current63 A
Network typeCA
Differential sensitivity30 mA
Differential TimingInstant
Differential ClassClasse A
Rated breaking and closing capacityIm 500 A
Conditional short-circuit current6 kA
Additionnal features
Network frequency50/60 Hz
[Ue] rated operating voltage400 V CA 50/60 Hz
Type of controlBy crank
Local indicationIndication ON/OFF
Installation modeSnap-in
Mounting bracketDIN rail
Compatibility of the busbar comb distribution blockBiconnect
Step of 9 mm8
Height100 mm
Width75 mm
Depth82 mm
Weight0.355 kg
Mechanical life5000 cycles
Electrical lifeAC-1 :
Connection typeTerminals tunnel type flexible wire (s) 1 ... 25 mm² max without cable end
Terminals tunnel type flexible wire (s) 1 ... 25 mm² max with cable end
Tunnel type terminals rigid wire (s) 1 ... 35 mm² max
Tightening torque3.5 N.m
StandardsEN 61008-2-1
IEC 61008-2-1
Quality labelsCEBEC
Degree of protectionIP20
Operating Temperature-25…40 °C
Ambient temperature for storage-30…70 °C
Sustainability of the offer
Environmental product statusGreen Premium product
RoHS (code date: YearWeek)Compliant - since 1329 - Declaration of Conformity Schneider Electric
REAChReference not containing SVHC above threshol
Environmental Product ProfileAvailable
Product end-of-life instructionsNo specific recycling operation




Type de matériel électriqueInterrupteur