Photovoltaic Tracker 2 axes 20 panels


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 This solar tracker can support between 16 and 18 panels (depending on panel size) up to 25% more efficiency compared to a south-facing installation

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 Photovoltaic Tracker 2 axes 20 panels


STS solar trackers optimize the efficiency of a photovoltaic installation.

More instant production and greater production period thanks to the tracker.


A solar tracker helps to maintain the optimal orientation of the panels in relation to the sun's rays. This optimal orientation maximizes the electricity production of photovoltaic panels. This type of structure increases electricity production compared to fixed panels:


  • 25% increase compared to a facility to the south

  • 40% increase compared to a facility to the east or west

Photovoltaic Tracker 2 axes 20 panels

    Two-axis automated tracker system 

    Time and brightness positioning calculator 

    Hot galvanized steel structure 

    Suitable for all brands of photovoltaic panels





  • Production increased by 25% compared to a south-facing fixed facility.
  • Possible installation in the absence of a poorly oriented roof or roof.
  • Great compactness thanks to the high yield.

The installation includes


  • The structure
  • The detection and orientation system (electronic - engine)

Installing for professionals


  • You communicate the image of a society concerned with ecology and the environment.
  • You're making a name for yourself.
  • You invest in the future with an assured profitability.



Installing for professionals

Features of the foundation


Features of the foundation


 STS 20
Volume5.1 m3
Weight11600 Kg

 Structure features

Structure features


The structure has two degrees of freedom: a horizontal rotation to adjust the azimut and a vertical rotation for tilt. The horizontal rotation allows you to follow the movement of the sun throughout the day. The vertical rotation allows the structure to be guided according to the seasonal variation of the sun. 



Surface33 sqm
Number of columns4
Number of lines5
Mast height2m
Height panels5m
Total width6.6m
Total height4.5m
(260Wc panels)
Annual production 6000 Kwh 
Wind speed 
maximum eligible
120 km/h
Manufacturing100% Belgian

Motorization features

Motorization features


Our solar tracker has an automatic orientation of the panels according to the daily variation of the sun (from east to west) throughout the day. This orientation is done every 10 minutes via an electric motor. The orientation of the structure according to the seasonal variation of the sun (orientation at 73 degrees on the winter solstice up to 27 degrees at the summer solcist) is also automatic. The installed power is flexible according to demand. A standard installation is in the order of 4kWc. The installed surface area of PV panels is then 25.6m2.


Horizontal axis  $220
Vertical axis60 degrees
Running tension24 Volts
Engine power2 X 60W
Consumption of
Tracking systemSchedule 
light sensor 

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