Self-consumption / reinjection kit 8 panels 3.5 kVa without storage and installation in Belgium


This complete kit includes

  • 8xPNGSolar Solar panel 410Wp PNGMH54-B8 Full Black
  • 1xSofar Solar single-phase inverter
  • 3.5 kVA - 3.6KTLM-G3
  • 1xFixing kit for
  • tiled roof
  • 1xSolar cable
  • 2X4mm² with Type MC4 (sold by the meter - 20m)
  • 1xEarth cable
  • 6mm² - 20m
  • 1xSchneider circuit breaker
  • mono 16A
  • 1xSmall materials package
  • (tubes, fasteners, ...) in Belgium
  • 1xLabour for electrical installation in Belgium
  • 1xCommissioning
  • in Belgium 1xCommissioning
  • in Belgium 1xFitting
  • - labour Belgium
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This kit includes

  • 8XSunpro Power M10 430Wp Solar Panel SPDG430-N108M10
  • 1XSingle-phase inverter Sofar Solar 3,6kVA - 3.6KTLM-G3
  • 1XTile roof mounting kit
  • 1X2X4mm2 solar cable with Type MC4 (sold by the meter - 20m)
  • 1XEarth cable 1x6 mm2 20m
  • 1XSchneider mono 16A circuit breaker
  • 1XInstallation - labour Belgium
  • 1XCommissioning in Belgium
  • 1XElectrical installation labour in Belgium
  • 1XSmall equipment package (tubes, fasteners, etc.) in Belgium
  • 1XAdministrative procedures : CWAPE - GRD - SOCOTEC

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JNL Solar Climax Solar Panel 400 Wp JLS108MFB
Sunpro Power M10 430Wp Solar Panel SPDG430-N108M10
Price per unit
€111.87  (Tax incl.)
Choix de l'onduleur
Single-phase inverter Sofar Solar 3.6KTLM-G3
Single-phase inverter Sofar Solar 3,6kVA - 3.6KTLM-G3
Price per unit
€666.69  (Tax incl.)
Choix du système de montage
mounting system for tile roofs
Tile roof mounting kit
Price per unit
€326.73  (Tax incl.)
Câblage et connectique
Câblage et connectique
Earth cable 1x6 mm2 10m
Earth cable 1x6 mm2 20m
Price per unit
€52.63  (Tax incl.)
Protections et accessoires AC
Schneider Breaker mono 16A
Schneider mono 16A circuit breaker
Price per unit
€7.77  (Tax incl.)
Protections et accessoires DC
No products selected
Price per unit
€0.00  (Tax incl.)
Forfait pose et installation en Belgique
Installation - labour Belgium
Price per unit
€720.00  (Tax incl.)
Forfait pose et installation en Belgique
Commissioning in Belgium
Price per unit
€101.50  (Tax incl.)
Forfait pose et installation en Belgique
Electrical installation labour in Belgium
Price per unit
€395.00  (Tax incl.)
Forfait pose et installation en Belgique
Forfait pose et installation en Belgique
Administrative procedures : CWAPE - GRD - SOCOTEC
Price per unit
€329.00  (Tax incl.)

Self-consumption /...


Control your energy?
Our All-in-One Kit with installation in Belgium, for carefree energy autonomy!

The basic kit includes 8 solar panels, 1 Sofar Solar 3.5 kVA inverter. It is equipped with a default tile roof mounting system in portrait orientation. All the essentials are included, such as cables and connectors for electrical installation. What's more, the installation package is included, offering a turnkey solution for a complete solar installation.

The final price is subject to change, depending on the type of roof, cable lengths, travel costs, etc.

VAT, too, will be reduced from 21% to 6%.
We advise you to ask us for a quote
All we need is the following information

  1. Your exact address.
  2. The consumption you would like to cover (or annual electricity bill).
  3. The type of roof cladding
  4. The type of electricity meter: single-phase or three-phase (or a photo of the meter if you don't know)?

You can send this to info@wattuneed.com
One of our sales representatives will contact you shortly



Solar panels

The basic panel selected for this kit has been chosen according to our supplies.
You'll find the panel's characteristics on its product sheet in the panels category.



Sofar Solar 3.5 kVA single-phase inverter

Discover SofarSolar's brand new G3 single-phase inverter, the SOFAR 3.6KTLM-G3, specially designed for residential PV systems. With its elegant, IP65-rated design and natural cooling for silent operation, this inverter is the ideal option for small residential installations.

Equipped with two MPPT trackers and an integrated I-V curve scan function, it manages even complex installations, with shading issues or varying roof orientations. A WiFi key is included for easy connection to the SofarSolar monitoring portal.

The inverter boasts a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, thanks to a precise real-time MPPT algorithm for optimum operation. It features a wide input voltage range to suit a variety of configurations.

Versatile and economical, this inverter offers great placement flexibility thanks to its IP65 certification. Installation and maintenance are simplified thanks to the "Plug & Play" connection, and you have a choice of interface: Wi-Fi, RS485 or GPRS. The LCD display and LEDs make monitoring easy.

What's more, a zero export function is available as an option, enabling you to maximize your self-consumption. For reduced maintenance costs, the detachable cover and stainless aluminum covers simplify installation.

Finally, this inverter features intelligent grid management, with reactive power capacity, auto power reduction in the event of over-frequency and remote control of the active/reactive power limit.




Data sheet

Inverter power
3500 VA
Type of need
Kits with installation in Belgium
Battery storage
Without storage
Wind turbine
Number of panels
8 panels
Mains re-injection

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