Solar floor lamp - ShootingStar standalone LED


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Led solar spot of 20W, 30W or 40W fully autonomous thanks to its solar panel varying between 36W and 60W depending on the model you select in the options (see the characteristics).

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Solar floor lamp - ShootingStar standalone LED


Aspect brevetéPatented appearance

Integrated design of the solar panel, microcomputer controller, lithium battery and LED light source with high efficiency

Conception modulaireModular design

Modular design of the battery and LED chip, transport, installation and maintenance are more economical and simpler.

Système de contôle exclusifSole control system

The self-developed Road Smart solar controller can adjust different modes of operation freely, a single control system with more functions, stability is stronger; Microwave induction function option to save energy and have a longer lighting time.

Quatrième génération de contrôle intelligent de l'énergieThe fourth generation of intelligent energy control

The intelligent power control function has been improved to regulate the reasonable discharge power based on the intelligent assessment of recent weather conditions, in order to extend the duration of lighting and increase the number of rainy days.

Puces de lampe intelligentes à haut rendementHigh-efficiency smart lamp chips

100 lamp chips 3030, optimized brightness, lighting efficiency is greater than 160 lm/w.

Gestion intelligente de la charge et de la déchargeIntelligent load and discharge management

Dual charge and discharge protection by software and hardware, and intelligent equalization technology, charging and discharging cycle more than 2000 times.

Conception professionnelle de la distribution de la lumièreProfessional design of light distribution

Equipped with a patented lens to make the irradiation area more uniform.

Gestion intelligente de la charge et de la décharge

Battery capacity indicator lights

The battery capacity indicator lights display the power of the lamp in an obvious way, which is convenient for observing the charge and discharge of the lamp.

Conception de l'angle de rotationDesign of the rotation angle

The lighting area and light angle can be adjusted reasonably according to the width of the road.

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Integrated structure design


Conception de la structure intégrée



solar panel36W/5V45W/6V60W/6V
LiFePO4 battery192WH256WH320WH
Charging cycle time2000 cycles
luminous flux2600LM3900LM5200LM
Lamp power500400300
LED Qty100pcs
LED lifetime50000 hrs
Color temperature3000-7500K
Light distributionBatwing lens with polarized light
Lighting time5-7 rainy days
Working temperature-20°C~60°C
Mounting height5-8m
Facility spacing20-30m


Battery storageWith storage
Number of panels1 panel
Type of needSelf-Use Lighting Kits
Wind TurbinWithout
Type de LEDKit éclairage autonome