Wind turbine Newmeil x-2000


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Wind turbine 2000 W 24V or 48V; on 48V DC network


  • Supplied with its charging regulator
  • Silent and vibration-free
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Perfect for small appliances

Our products are designed to achieve high quality standards while being affordable for everyone.

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Wind turbine Newmeil X-2000





Our products are designed to achieve high quality standards while being affordable for everyone.

This wind turbine was created to provide energy to each facility.

Thanks to innovative technologies, this model is ideal for housing, boating or any appliance that requires backup power. The X2000 wind turbine is the perfect compromise to start your own electricity production.

The Newmeil X-2000 wind turbine comes with its charging regulator.


Wind turbine Newmeil X-2000




• Low noise and vibration
• Low wind speed at start-up
• High efficiency at low wind speed
• Rated power 1.5 kW
• Light
• Carbon fiber composite pales
• Aerodynamic design of the body
• Anti-rust, anti-corrosion and long-lived
• Easy to install and maintenance-free
• 3-year warranty

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Wind turbine
Type of wind turbineHorizontal axis, upstream of the wind
Rotor diameter1900 mm
Net weight24.5 kg
Tower Diameter48-60 mm
Number of blades5
Blade materialsCarbon-fibre-reinforced plastic
Blade mass660g/pcs
Body materialAluminium sunk under pressure
Construction of the bodyworkInside screw connection
Product finishThermo powder coating-based clamp
Connection of the towerbridle fitting or bolt bridle
Start wind speed1.8m/s
Reduced wind speed2.5m/s
Survival wind speed50m/s
Nominal power1.5 kW (13m/s)
Nominal rotor speed750 rpm
Maximum power2000W (20m/s)
Working temperature range-40C to 60C
Product life (years)15
The level of acoustic pressureLAeq 33dB - 5m/s - 5m/s - 5m behind the rotor (air density of 1.225 kg/m3)
GeneratorThree-phase, neodym-iron-bore-bore-type three-phase power generator
Braking systemOff-grid 24V or 48V DC; on 48V DC network
Lace controlElectromagnetic and aerodynamic aerodynamic braking system at higher speed than blade speed
Management control360 degrees free
Management controlRear tracing
Control systemBraking mode
Recommended systemNetwork control: lead-acid battery with deep discharge safety
Note: At the start wind speed, it generates electricity, but it takes a higher wind speed to charge the battery or transfer it to the grid.



Wind TurbinWith
Power2000 VA