Coulomb meter (Lithium Batteries monitor High Precision)

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Coulomb meter high precision designed to monitor the voltage, the capacity, the power and theenergy a battery.

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Coulomb meter (Lithium Batteries monitor High Precision) 

Coulomb counter

(Lithium Batteries monitor High Precision)


The coulomb meter high precision allows the monitoring of the voltage (V), the capacity (Ah), the power (W) and theenergy a battery. This information allows the user toget a State of charge in % (SoC) or a depth of discharge (DoD) says the battery. It calculates in real time the remaining time until the battery is completely empty. The product has a memory function that records the SoC information when the device is turned off or disconnected accidentally. The CC 75/150/500 is suitable for the lithium-iron-phosphate batteries(LiFePO4), lithium-ionLi-polymer, battery lead-acid and nickel-metal hybrid with an operating voltage of 8V to 80V DC.


Coulomb counter 


There are 3 versions:


  • CC75 measuring of 0 to 75Acompatible with the terminals M6
  • CC150 measuring of 0 to 150Acompatible with the M8 terminals
  • CC500 measuring of 0 to 500Acompatible with the terminals M10


The armored cable which connects to measure resistance (shunt) and the display screen is available in three lengths, depending on the location of the battery and the display):

  • 1 meter
  • 3 meters
  • 5 meters


The display functions

• State of charge (%)
• Remaining capacity (Ah)
• Remaining time (HH: MN: SS) 
• Instantaneous power (W) 
• Current (A) 
• Voltage (V) 
• Graphical view of the State of charge (SoC) battery



The display functions






originalwtwatermark Min Nominal Max Unit
Operating voltage1/850.080.0V
Consumption in operation (backlight ON) 01/06/00 My
Consumption in operation (backlight OFF) 0.7 My
Precision measurement of voltage +/-1.0 %
Precision measurement of current +/-1.0 %
Precision measurement of capacity +/-1.0 %
Measuring range of capacity0.1 999.9Ah
Current measurement range (CC75)
Display operating temperature-102550° C
Weight of the display 20 g
Dimensions of the display66 x 40 x 13


Measure of the State of charge (SoC) by method OCV (Open Circuit Voltage or voltage in open circuit)

All types of batteries have one thing in common: the tension their Terminal decreases or increases based on their level of support. The voltage will be maximum when the battery is fully charged and minimal when it is empty.

This relationship between SOC and voltage is directly dependent on the used battery technology. For example, the diagram below below compares the curves of discharge between a lead battery and a Lithium-Ion batteries.

Discharge curve


To track the State of charge when using the battery, the most intuitive method is to follow the current incorporating during the use of the cells. This integration gives directly the amount of electric charge injected or extracted to the battery allowing to precisely quantify the SoC of the battery.

Unlike the OCV method, this method is able to determine the evolution of the charge for the use of the battery State. It does not require that the battery is at rest for a precise measurement.

Coulomb Counter

Although the current is measured by a precision resistance, low errors of measures involved, related to the frequency of sampling of the measure. To correct this marginal, the Coulomb counter is automatically re-calibrated to each charge cycle. By coulomb counting SoC measurements allow a less than 1% measurement error, which allows a very accurate indication of the remaining energy in the battery. Unlike the method GCO, coulomb counting is independent of fluctuations in power delivered by the battery (that cause the battery voltage drops), and the accuracy remains constant regardless of the use of the battery.


Weight0,4 kg
Width76 mm
Height100 mm
Thickness66 mm