Three-phase inverter SMA Sunny Tripower X 15 / 20 / 25


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• Integrated System Manager
• Guaranteed security
• Maximum production
• More flexibility

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Sunny Tripower X


Integrated intelligence for a future-ready system


The new Sunny Tripower X is an innovative solution for commercial, industrial and tertiary photovoltaic installations. The integrated System Manager function with direct access to the Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS monitors up to five SMA inverters and an energy meter. It provides dynamic control of active and reactive power via SMA Dynamic Power Control. Thanks to a wide input voltage range and a large input current capacity, it is compatible with next-generation high-performance photovoltaic panels. The new design ensures efficient cooling of the electronic components and thus maximizes the service life of the Sunny Tripower X.
Commissioning is fast, simple and centralized for all devices in the system. On a daily basis, users benefit from integrated software solutions: SMA ShadeFix optimizes electricity production even in case of shadows, SMA ArcFix effectively detects electric arcs and thus prevents fires.

Integrated System Manager

• Monitoring and control up to 5 inverters (max. 135 kVA) included
• Direct access to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS
• SMA Dynamic Power Control

Guaranteed security

• SMA ArcFix arc protection
• DC surge protection
• Simplified network and facility protection

Maximum production

• Optimized performance thanks to the integrated SMA ShadeFix system
• I-V curve diagnosis
• SMA Smart Connected

More flexibility

• 3 MPP trackers
• High input current for high-performance photovoltaic panels
• Modularity for the subsequent addition of energy management functions




Protective devicesSunny Tripower X 15Sunny Tripower X 20
Sunny Tripower X 25
Input (DC)
Max. power of the photovoltaic generator22500 Wc STC30000 Wc STC37500 Wc STC
Max input voltage1000 V
MPP voltage range257 V to 800 V340 V to 800 V430 V to 800 V
Rated input voltage570 V
Min. input voltage / startup input voltage150 V / 188 V
Input current max. per MPP tracker24 A
Short circuit current max. per MPP tracker35 A
Number of independent MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker3 / 2
Output (AC)
Rated power (for 230 V, 50 Hz)15000 W20000 W25000 W
Rated apparent power / Max apparent power15000 VA/15000 VA20000 VA/20000 VA
25000 VA/25000 VA
Rated voltage AC220 V / 380 V; 230 V / 400 V; 240 V / 415 V
Voltage range176 V to 275 V / 304 V to 477 V
AC network frequency / range50 Hz / 44 Hz to 56 Hz
60 Hz / 54 Hz to 66 Hz
Assigned Network Frequency / Assigned Network Voltage50 Hz / 230 V
Assigned output current / Max output current.21.7 A / 36.6 A29 A / 36.6 A36.2 A / 36.6 A
Injection phases / AC terminal3 / 3-(N)-PE
Power factor at assigned power / adjustable phase shift factor1 / 0 inductive to 0 capacitive
Harmonic Distortion Rate (THD)< 3%
Max yield/Europ yield**98,2 % / 97,7 %* 998,2 % / 97,9 %*
98,2 % / 98,0 %*
Protective devices
Input-side disconnection device
Ground Fault Monitoring / Network Monitoring● / ●
DC Reverse Polarity Protection / AC Short Circuit Resistance● / ●
Differential and fault current monitoring device
Protection class (according to IEC 62109-1) / Surge category (according to IEC 62109-1)I / AC: III; DC: II
Arc Flash Protection (AFCI) / I-V Curve Diagnostics● / ●**
DC surge arrester (type 2, type 1/2)
General characteristics
Dimensions (L/H/D)728 mm / 762 mm / 266 mm (28.7 in / 30.0 in / 10.5 in)
Weight35 kg (77 lb)
Operating temperature range−25 °C to +60 °C (−13 °F to +140 °F)
Noise emissions, maximum (1 m)<65 dB(A)
Self-consumption (night)< 5 W
Topology / cooling systemNo galvanic separation / OptiCool
Protection rating (according to IEC 60529)IP65
Climate class (according to IEC 60721-3-4)4K26
Maximum permissible value for relative humidity of the air (non-condensing100 %
Equipment / Function / Accessories
DC Connection / AC ConnectionSUNCLIX / Spring terminal
LED display (status/error/communication)
Interface: Ethernet/WLAN/RS485● (2 ports) / ● / ○**
Data protocols: SMA Modbus / SunSpec Modbus / Speedwire● / ● / ●
Multifunction Relay / Additional Module Slot● / ● (1 port)
Number of numeric entries6
Type of assemblyWall mounting
SMA ShadeFix / Integrated Plant Control / Q on Demand 24/7● / ● / ●
Compatible off-grid / Compatible SMA Hybrid Controller● / ●
Warranty: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 years● / ○ / ○ / ○
Certifications and approvals (other on request)VDE AR-N 4105/4110:2018, EN 50549-1/-2:2018, CE, UKCA
System Manager function
Total number of supported devices, including:6
Max. number of photovoltaic inverters supported5
Maximum number of energy meters supported1
Maximum rated power of the installation supplied by the photovoltaic inverters (rated power AC)135 kVA
Centralized commissioning of all devices in the system
Remote configuration of SMA devices with sunny Portal powered by ennexOS
Direct marketing via SMA SPOT (Germany)
SMA Dynamic Power Control (e.g. Zero Feed in / Q(U))
Type designationSTP 15-50STP 20-50STP 25-50


Data sheets and documentation


Maximum PV input voltage1000 V
Power25550 VA
Power25550 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséTriphasé
Nombre de MPPT1 MPPT
Inverter power25000VA