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SolarEdge three-phase 10kW SetApp - Special Belgium


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SolarEdge's three-phase inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with an efficient energy conversion architecture for superior solar energy recovery and unmatched reliability.


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Three-phase Inverters


SolarEdge three-phase 10kW SetApp - Special BelgiumSolarEdge's three-phase inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with an efficient energy conversion architecture for superior solar energy recovery and unmatched reliability.

Fixed voltage technology ensures that the solar inverter always operates at its optimum input voltage, regardless of the number of modules in a chain or environmental conditions.

A proprietary monitoring system has been integrated into the inverter and aggregates the performance data from the power optimizer of each PV module. This data can be transmitted on the web and accessible via the SolarEdge monitoring platform for performance analysis, failure detection and PV system troubleshooting.


For small commercial installations 330% oversize especially for Belgium


Specifically designed to work with power optimizers

  • Designed specifically to allow for increased oversizing of DC power
  • Higher yield (98.3%)
  • Quick and easy to turn up with a smartphone with SolarEdge SetApp
  • Compact, the lightest in its class and easy to install
  • Integrated monitoring, module-level
  • Internet communication via Ethernet or Wireless
  • IP65 - Outdoor and indoor installation
  • Fixed voltage inverter for longer chains
  • Controlling Smart Energy Management


Easy start-up with SetApp inverter

SolarEdge's new range of three-phase inverters features a new intelligent commissioning method. The inverter is put into service directly via a smartphone using the intuitive SetApp mobile app. Take it to the next level. Learn more about SetApp.






(FOR NETWORK 230/400V)
AC Rated Output Power 10000
Maximum AC output power 10000
AC output voltage - phase-to-phase/phase-neutral (nominal) 400 / 230 230 / 133
AC Output Tension - Phase to Neutral Range 184 - 264.5 L-N 184 - 264.5 L-L
AC Frequency 50 ± 5%
Continuous maximum output intensity (per phase) 1526
Supported networks - three-phase 3 / N / PE (With Neutral)3 lines / PE
Utility monitoring, island protection, configurable power factor, country-configured thresholds Yes
Residual current detection / Residual current detection threshold 300 / 30
Maximum DC Power (STC Module) 33750
Minimum DC power (peak power) 17000
No transformer, no grounding Yes
Maximum input voltage 900600
Nominal DC enter tension 750400
Maximum input intensity 1426
Protection against polarity reversal Yes
Grounding defect detection 350k gevoeligheid
Maximum up-to-the-shoulder return 98,3
European weighted return 98
Nocturnal consumption < 4
Supported communication interfacesRS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi(2), ZigBee (optional), cellular network (optional)
Commissioning of the inverter With the SetApp mobile app with built-in local Wi-Fi
Smart Energy Management Export Limitation, Home Energy Management
Security IEC-62103 (EN50178), IEC-62109
Network connection standardsVDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N-4105, AS-4777, G83 / G59C10/11, EN50438
Emissions IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3, IEC61000-3-11, IEC61000-3-12, FCC part 15 Class B
Rohs Yes
AC output Cable Passage - Diameter 18-25
DC Entry (with or without DC box) 3 Pairs of MC4
Dimensions (LxPxH) 540 x 315 x 260
Weight 45
Temperature range in operation - 40 - $60
Cooling Fan (replaceable by user)
Noise < 55
Nominal protection features IP65 - Exterior and interior
Mounting Fixing support provided

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Maximum PV input voltage900 Vdc
Weight45 Kg
Power10000 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséTriphasé
Width315 mm
Height540 mm
Thickness260 mm
Inverter power10000VA