SMA Sunny HighPower PEAK3


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Dressed for tomorrow, today.
Ready for ennexOS.

150 kW power solution custom-designed for large photovoltaic power plants by solar engineering pioneers

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SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK3 Dressed for tomorrow, today.

 SMA Sunny HighPower PEAK3

Simple construction and operation of large photovoltaic plants

1500 VDC, 150 KW, Compact Design 

PEAK3 guarantees maximum power, even in extreme conditions. Because of its compact design, the inverter offers maximum power density, which is optimal performance with a light weight. The benefits: more economical transportation and simpler installation. In combination with DC cabinets specific to each project, an oversize of the photovoltaic installation up to 150% is possible. The Data Manager complements the system and allows, among other things, to meet all the requirements of the network manager.

Maximum safety and reliability

The PEAK3 inverter focuses on the essentials, namely maximum performance and availability. All functions and components are custom-designed to reduce potential sources of errors with minimal weight and increase efficiency. In addition, proven technologies such as the SMA OptiCool active cooling system guarantee a long lifespan of inverters.

Flexible and easily modular installation size

The PEAK3 system solution combines the advantages of a decentralized installation design with those of the central inverter concept. With the DC Combine Box, it is also possible to plan efficiently and easily expand large photovoltaic installations, including on heterogeneous terrain. Thanks to the modular approach, projects can be adjusted not only in terms of power but also functionally. This allows maximum flexibility in planning.

Greened for the digital energy world of tomorrow

The PEAK3 system solution is supported by ennexOS, SMA's promising digital platform. ennexOS aggregates data from all relevant energy sectors to create modern, forward-looking solutions in the energy sector. The platform is being developed as it progresses and now offers high-performance functions as well as satellite-assisted production monitoring.

Simple and fast installation and commissioning

The PEAK3 system solution offers smart features for faster and safer installation of all inverters. Ergonomic handles and built-in wall support make it easy to assemble inverters. Large rigid DC cables are passed through a removable mounting plate and can be easily connected to the device. With a single Data Manager, it is possible to centrally put up to 200 inverters into service in just a few minutes.

Effective piloting and comfortable monitoring

Each device can be directly controlled via reliable and fast Ethernet communication between the Data Manager and the inverter. Monitoring of all devices is done centrally via the new Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS. Configuration changes on different photovoltaic installations are also feasible without the need for multiple VPN connections. Additional monitoring systems can access all devices via the system's open Modbus/TCP interface.

A promising solution that can be easily stretched

The development of the PEAK3 system solution is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the field of large photovoltaic plants (Utility). Central steering, decentralized system and modular concept: these are the elements that make the PEAK3 solution so convincing. Our powerful add-ons help you become more efficient in managing large photovoltaic installations.


A promising solution that can be easily stretched

PEAK3 - Ideal solution to meet the strictest maximum production requirements

SMART CONNECTED for photovoltaic power plants


  • Free and automatic monitoring of SMA inverters
  • Proactive email communication in case of malfunctions
  • Reduced operating costs - No on-site diagnosis required

Decentralized solution of up to 150 kW for large-scale photovoltaic plants

Thanks to an intelligent system structure, all inverters and the Data Manager are installed centrally. The DC Combiner Boxes are spread across the field. Result: maximum performance, simplified installation and maintenance and reduced wiring costs.


Decentralized solution of up to 150 kW for large-scale photovoltaic plants




 Sunny Highpower 100-20Sunny Highpower 150-20
Entry (DC)
Maximum power of the photovoltaic generator150,000 Wc225,000 Toilet
Maximum input voltage.1000 V1500 V
MPP voltage range / Assigned input voltage590 V to 1000 V / 590 V880 V to 1450 V / 880 V
Max entry/short-circuit current,180 A / 325 A180 A / 325 A
Number of independent MPP trackers1
Number of entries1 or 2 (optional) for external connecting boxes for the photovoltaic generator
Exit (AC)
Power assigned to nominal voltage100,000 W150,000 W
Apparent power AC max.100,000 VA150,000 VA
Rated voltage AC / AC voltage range400 V / 304 V to 477 V600 V / 480 V to 690 V
Frequency of AC/Beach50 Hz / 44 Hz to 55 Hz50 Hz / 44 Hz to 55 Hz
60 Hz / 54 Hz to 66 Hz60 Hz / 54 Hz to 66 Hz
Assigned network frequency50 Hz
Outfing current max.151 A
Harmonic distortion rate (THD)3%
Injection phases / AC connection3/3-PE
Maximum/European Yield98,8 % / 98,6 %99,1 % / 98,8 %
General features
Dimensions (L/H/P)770 mm / 830 mm / 444 mm
Weight98 kg
Operating temperature rangeFrom 25C to 60C
Typical sound emissions69 dB
Self-consumption (night)5 W
Topologywithout a transformer
Cooling systemOptiCool, active cooling system, regulated speed fan
Protection Index (according to CIS 60529)IP69
Maximum allowable value for relative air humidity (without condensation)100,00%
Equipment / Function / Accessories
DC Connection / AC ConnectionEnd pod (up to 300 mm2)/Screw-bound (up to 150 mm2)
LED display (state/error/communication)Yes
Interface Ethernet2 ports
Type of assemblyRack mounting


Maximum PV input voltage1500 V
Weight98 kg
Power150000 VA
Nombre de MPPT1 MPPT
Max. Power - Wp225000 Wc
Width770 mm
Height830 mm
Thickness440 mm
AC output rated power150000 W