10kW Bergey Excel wind turbine 230 VAC or 48 VDC

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The new Bergey Excel 10 is ideal for large homes, farms, and small businesses. Its extra large rotor and ultra low cut-in wind speed give it exceptional performance, out producing all other turbines in its class.  
2 models : 48 VDC (Battery charging model) or 230 VAC (Grid-inertie model). 

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" The BWC Excel 10 is a 10 kW wind turbine designed for high reliability, low maintenance "


Bergey Excel 10kW Wind turbine

The Bergey Excel 10 is ideal for homes, farms, and small businesses.

Its extra large rotor and low cut-in wind speed give it exceptional performance, out producing all
other turbines in its class. More energy means greater savings and a quicker payback.

30 years ago, Bergey pioneered the radically-simple “three moving parts
design” that has proven to provide the best reliability, service life, and
value of all of the hundreds of competitive designs that have come and gone in that time. A small wind turbine is a big investment and Bergey is clearly the wise choice. 


Advanced technology

• BW-7 Proprietary Low Noise Airfoil
• Powerflex Super High-Strength Blades
• Neo-10 Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Alternator
• AutoFurl Storm Protection
• 12kW Powersync II Inverter



• AWEA RATED POWER: 8.9 kW @ 24.6 mph (11 m/s)
• PEAK POWER: 12.6 kW
• AWEA ANNUAL ENERGY: 13,800 kWh @ 11 mph
(5m/s) Average
• CUT-IN WIND SPEED: 5.6 mph (2.5 m/s)
• FURLING WIND SPEED: 31–45 mph (14–20 m/s)
• MAX DESIGN WIND SPEED: 134 mph (60 m/s)

Mechanical datas


• TYPE: 3-Blade Upwind, Horizontal Axis
• ROTOR DIAMETER: 23 ft. (7.0 m)
• WEIGHT: 1200 lb. (545 kg)
• TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40/140° F (-40/60° C)
• TOWERS: Guyed and Non-guyed 80–160 ft. (24–49 m)
• ALTERNATOR: 3Ø Neo Permanent Magnet
• INVERTER: 12 kW Powersync II

12 kW powersync inverter

The 12 kW Powersync II Inverter - Only for the 230 VAC option !


The touch screen display located on the front panel of the enclosure provides manual override and status of the inverter’s operation.

The Normal Operation of the inverter is as follows: When single phase 240VAC is applied to the inverter, the display will power up and a message stating that the unit is initializing is shown.
A countdown timer set for 5 minutes (300 seconds) starts before the inverter is ready to transfer power to the utility grid.
The inverter will automatically transfer power to the utility when AC voltages in the range of 30VAC to 400VAC are present at the Turbine input.


With the option 48VDC, a VSCII advanced charge controller is provided.

Technical data


Model10 kW - battery charging model10 kW - Grid-inertie model
Rated power8,9 kW
Peak power12,6 kW
Furling wind speed31–45 mph (14–20 m/s)
Cut-in wind speed5.6 mph (2.5 m/s)
Rotor diameter7 m
Number of blades3
Rotor speed0 - 400 RPM
GeneratorNeo Permanent Magnet
Voltage230 VAC 50Hz48 V DC
Net weight545 kg

diagram annual energy output - windturbine