Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner - 120A / 230A / 400A

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Cyrix Battery Combiner 120A, 230A or 400A.

Please, select the model in the options : 12/24V-120A  /  12/24V-230A  /  12/24V-400A  /  24/48V-400A

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" Cyrix Battery Combiner "

Coupleurs de batteries Cyrix-ct


Smart battery management

This Victron battery Combiner is equipped with a microprocessor which is used to connect automatically the batteries in parallel when a battery is being charged. The disconnect happens automatically when battery is in "discharge" mode, ie when the voltage is below FLOAT level.

Automatic detection 12/24V and 24/48V

LED indicator - for model 12/24 230 only

The 12/24 230 Cyrixis equipped with a LED light indicating the sytem status (connection, disconnection, overheating,...)

Prevents voltage drops

Thanks to management by microprocessor, the combiner prevents voltage drops and thus the correction of charging voltages of battery chargers and alternators. It perfectly replace the diode isolators.

Cyrix 120, 230 and 400 - Technical characteristics

Victron Cyrix

Cyrix-ct 12/24-120

Cyrix-ct 12/24-230

Cyrix-ct 24/48-400

LED status indication 



 LED bi-colore

Continuous current

 120 A

 230 A

 400 A

Cranking rating (5 seconds) 

 180 A

 500 A

  See table in the datasheet

Connect voltage 

 From 13V to 13,8V and 26 to 27,6V
with intelligent trend detection

 See table in the datasheet

Disconnect voltage 

 From 11V to 12,8V and 22 to 25,7V
with intelligent trend detection

 See table in the datasheet

Current consumption when open

 < 4 mA

 4 mA

Current consumption when closed 

 12 V : 220 mA 24 V : 120 mA

 12 V : 320 mA 24 V : 180 mA






Control cable included (length 1 m)




Protection category




Weight kg

 0,11 kg 

 0,27 kg 

 0,9  kg

Dimensions h x w x d in mm

 46 x 46 x 80 mm

 65 x 100 x 50 mm

 78 x 102 x 110 mm



Victron Cyrix 12/24 - 120 connexion diagram

Connexion Victron Orion exemple