Grundfos EXTERNAL CUE IP21 frequency converters


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The CUE is a multifunctional frequency converter suitable for many applications that require reliable and cost-effective operation.

Cue is used in five main applications:

Water supply and overpressure;

Heating and air conditioning;

Process and sanitary facilities;




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External frequency converters

A series of CUE frequency converters for the speed control of many Grundfos pumps.

CUE Grundfos is the newest member of the range of electronic speed-regulating pumping systems. It is suitable for a multitude of applications such as industry, building maintenance, private or municipal water supply, wastewater and irrigation. This new series of wall-mounted frequency converters with Grundfos pump features and a special user interface offers functions similar to those of Grundfos electronic pumps, which are equipped with motors incorporating a frequency converter.

With the CUE solution, you can regulate the speed of virtually any Grundfos pump, regardless of size, power range and scope.



The CUE is a frequency converter for Grundfos pumps and provides a range of predefined functions that make it easy to use the converter in virtually any application area. A series of predefined regulatory modes, such as constant pressure, proportional pressure, constant level or constant throughput, makes it easy to set up a system in just a few steps. A special starter guide will guide you through the CUE configuration.  

The CUE has several entrances and exits


1 RS-485 GENIbus connection

1 analog input, 0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA: external set point 

1 analog input, 0/4-20 mA: sensor input 

1 analog output, 0-20 mA

4 digital entries: start/stop and 3 programmable entries

2 relays (C/NO/NC): programmable

Technical data and benefits


  • Grundfos pump speed control
  • Simple setup
  • Predefined regulation modes
  • Predefined sensor range
  • Predefined pump family data
  • Sharing the interface with the control equipment
  • Additional features available
  • Automatic adjustment of the direction of rotation
  • 16 steps to get the system up and running




P2IntypeIpExit filter
110th212-190CUE110 kW21 or 54dU/dt 315Sin. 260
132260-240CUE 132 kW
160th315-302CUE160 kWSin. 410th
200 th.the way to $28395-361CUE 200 kWdU/dt 480
250480-443CUE 250 kWSin. 510