Kit 1 solar panel with standalone LED spot - Sunbeam


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Led solar spot from 5W to 30W fully autonomous thanks to its solar panel varying between 15W and 100W depending on the model you select in the options (see the characteristics).

Easy to carry, install and maintain.




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Kit 1 solar panel with standalone LED spot - Sunbeam


Management of loads and landfills
Battery protection by software and hardware, supporting battery charging at 0v.

Environmental decoration
RGB color light source, landscape design for decorating the environment.

Power control
Analyzes the current climate to plan a reasonable discharge power, with light indicator of charge.

Fashionable design
Magnificent design "Sunbeam", making your house or villa the most beautiful of the gardens.

Light efficiency management
Patented LED chip with high efficiency, the lighting efficiency of the entire system has been improved to 160lm/w.

Unique design
Easy to carry, install and maintain, with a patented bracket to replace the traditional expansion bolt.

Environmental decoration
RGB color light source, landscape design for environmental decoration.

Light distribution management
Patented PC lens, special light distribution for rural areas.

LiFePO4 lithium battery
Charging and discharging 2000 times per cycle, service life of 8 years.

Kit details 

Integration of the led, battery and controller in a complete system.
Connecting the solar panel with an extended wire.
Easy to carry, install and maintain.


Kit details



 typeSunbeam 5Sunbeam 9Sunbeam 15Sunbeam 20Sunbeam 30
hardwarePolycrystalline silicon
Efficiency of solar cells17-18%
LiFePO4 battery
Charging cycle time2000 times
Lamp head
luminous flux900-1000lm1600-1700lm2600-2700lm3300-3600lm4800-5200lm
Light power5w9w15w20w30w
LED Qty40pcs80pcs
LED chip3030
Color temperature3000-7500K
Lamp head materialAluminum+PC
Lighting time (full charge)2-3 rainy days
Operating temperature-20°C~60°C
Installation optionspole, lawn, wall


Battery storageWith storage
Number of panels1 panel
Type of needSelf-Use Lighting Kits
Wind TurbinWithout
Type de LEDKit éclairage autonome