Solar lamp - standalone LED WE 20W 5V - 80Wc panel


Complete system that combines a solar panel, an LED body, a charging controller and a battery to ensure an off-grid range to the lighting of your choice (street, parking ...), it is easy to install and maintain.

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Solar lamp - standalone LED...


 Lampadaire solaire - LED autonome WE 20W 5V - panneau de 80Wc

Solar lamp - STANDalone LED WE15W 5V


Complete system which combines a solar panel, a body LEDone load controller and a battery to ensure that autonomy off-grid to the lighting of your choice (street, parking...), it is Easy to install and maintain.

The solar panel, placed above the battery, protects the more fragile components from heat and extends the life of the material. The panel can also be manually adjusted on the vertical and horizontal axis, guaranteeing maximum efficiency of solar energy.



Icon Rotating solar panel

Turning solar panel

Solar panel adjustable in height and horizontal direction



Icon Precise installation

Precise installation

Incorporate the compass into the body of the lighting



Icon Microwave motion detector

Microwave motion detector

Radar-controlled, called the Doppler effect, smarter, more energy efficient



Icon Control mode management

Management of the control mode

6 ways to work



Icon Charge and discharge management

Load and discharge management

Protect the battery with software and hardware, supporting battery charge at 0v




Icon Battery program update

Battery Program Update

Integrated single-chain control technology. More stable and longer lifespan.


Icon Unique integration design

Unique integration design

Easy to transport, install and store


Technical fact sheet


type WE 50 WE 65 WE 80 
Power of the lamp 10W 15W 500
solar panel 50W/5V 65W/5V 80W/18V
Lithium 138WH/3.7V 166WH/3.7V 275WH/11.1V
luminous flux 1700-1800lm 2500-2700lm 3300-3600lm
LED qty 36pcs
Charge time (full sun) 5hrs
LED chip Bridgelux
Color temperature 3000-6500K
cry ≥70Ra
Light control tension 1V
Light distribution Polarized light
Lighting time 2-3 days
Sensor distance 5-10m
Sensor time 20-30s
Temperature of use -20C-60C
Lifespan ≥50,000 hours
hardware Aluminium alloy
Diameter of the top of the post 60mm
Mounting height 5-6m
Mounting distance 10-30m
499 Items

Data sheet

Solar kit type
kit éclairage autonome
Type of need
Self-Use Lighting Kits
Number of panels
1 panel
LED type
Kit éclairage autonome
Lighting power
Lighting type
LED Bulb
Panel type

Specific References



Fiche tech. Lampadaire WE (FR)

Download (4.15MB)

Datasheet Floor lamp WE (EN)

Download (3.95MB)