Inverter Grundfos RSI high voltage
Inverter Grundfos RSI high voltage
Inverter Grundfos RSI high voltage

Inverter Grundfos RSI 1.5 to 15kW 400VDC 230V


The Grundfos Renewable Solar Inverter (RSI) is an off-grid solar inverter that converts the DC output power of the solar panel into AC power for pump operation, for example.

Low voltage : 3 x 208-240 V (230V) - Max. 400 VDC

Suitable for existing or new installations, provided that the motor characteristics are compatible and suitable for use with a frequency converter. Do not hesitate to ask one of our technicians for information.

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Model inverter RSI grundfos: RSI 1.5

Inverter Grundfos RSI 1.5...


Grundfos RSI Inverter


" The ideal complement for your pump "


The Grundfos Renewable Solar Inverter (RSI) is an off-grid solar inverter converting the DC power output from the solar panel to AC power supply for pump operation.
RSI can be used in both new and existing systems as long as the motor specs are compatible and is suitable for use with a variable frequency drive.

RSI is AC and DC compatible. RSI can be connected to the grid or a generator as back-up power during solar panel disruptions. It is designed for continuous as well as intermittent operation. The system is suitable for various water supply systems including irrigation.

This inverter can be used in existing systems with submersible pumps or dry-installed pumps, thus providing a very wide range of applications allowing you to leverage renewable energy sources with the ability to back up the system with grid or generator power.

Its advantages


  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • AC/DC compatibility
  • Setup wizard with Grundfos product library
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overtemperature protection
  • No-load protection.
  • Operating history memory
  • Detachable control panel
  • Enclosure class IP66

Weatherproof for outdoor installation


With an IP66 enclosure class rating, the RSI is resistant to rain, dust and sand, meaning there is no requirement for a weatherproof cabinet with ventilation and air filter. The RSI can handle ambient temperatures up to 60 °C. In addition to substantial cost savings for installation, placing the solar inverter beneath the solar panel array means only a very short DC cable is required, and this is an extremely important safety advantage for users and personnel.

Continuous system optimisation


Advanced MPPT software continuously optimises the system by compensating for environmental effects on solar panel array, improving power and water output by up to 30 %. Environmental effects cover
1) temperature compensation,
2) handling of multiple local power points due to partial shading, and
3) protection against power oscillation due to rapid cloud movement.

Quick setup with Grundfos pump motors


The quick setup Wizard pairs the RSI quickly with a broad range of Grundfos pumps. With a built-in Grundfos motor library all that is required is confirmation of motor type and pre-set value; no parameter input is necessary for Grundfos pumps. This means
1) setup completed in less than 5 minutes, and
2) enables setup of the RSI in the workshop prior to a plug-andpump experience on site.

AC/DC compatible


You can switch the solar inverter to mains power or generator if required, because the drive is compatible to both AC and DC power input without the need to change any parameter settings. Simply connect the two power sources via an external switchover box, and you take advantage of solar energy during the day and mains power or generator during the night.


Installation Environment Min. Ambient Temperature -10 °C
  Max. Ambient Temperature 60 °C
  Max. Relative Humidity 100 %
Electrical Data Min. MPP Voltage 400 VDC
  Max. Input Voltage 800 VDC
  Min Frequency 5 Hz
  Max. Frequency 60 Hz
  Output, Phase 3 Phase
  Output, Rated Voltage 415 VAC
Enclosure class Enclosure class IP66


Power size Rated Output Current, Amp DC (input to drive) AC (input to motor)
1.5 8 Max. 400 VDC 3 x 208-240 V
2.2 11
3.0 12.5
4.0 18
5.5 24.2
7.5 31
11 48
15 62



Data sheet

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