Inverter Steca coolcept fleX 3kVA StecaGrid 3011_2


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The StecaGrid Coolconcept 3000W inverter combines efficiency and long service life. Its design has been thought out for a simple and easy assembly but also so that it is intuitive when navigating the menu on its LCD screen.

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Reliable technology – even more versatile

With coolcept fleX, KATEK Memmingen presents the successor generation to Steca's established coolcept topology. Coolcept fleX offers a creative energy concept for any modern home.


What is coolcept fleX?

The all-new electronic platform is being used as the technological heart of the next generation of solar electronics and connects photovoltaic-based power generation, load management and even e-mobility for the very first time. The coolcept fleX platform is open about its future use, it is always implemented on a single card. This extremely small and compact format allows the use of affordable standard components on the printed circuit board. Thus, it is possible to use the same device
for various different applications.


Coolcept fleX inverter

Coolcept fleX is the centerpiece of the new generation of inverters.
As usual, with rated powers of 1.5 to 5.0 kW, they achieve particularly high peak efficiencies.


The advantages of coolcept flex inverters

Coolcept fleX is flexible.
Several MPP trackers allow you to manage simple or even complicated module fields.

Coolcept fleX is robust and simple.
Indoor and outdoor installation is made possible by a robust IP65 housing. However, the product range is not only one of the lightest in its class, but it is also very easy to install.

Coolcept fleX is scalable.
KATEK Memmingen offers an integrated and scalable concept for the production, consumption, storage and supply of energy for the modern home of tomorrow.



One for all
This all-in-one solution at an incomparable price offers functions for very different applications and is even scalable depending on the power required. Whether you need one or more MPP trackers, high or low voltage storage, a solution with or without backup power, anything is possible. KATEK Memmingen has already thought of and prepared the charging of an electric vehicle directly from a PV generator. The new components and adjustment options allow use in many countries.

Maximum efficiency at all input voltages and reliable cooling concept
The maximum efficiencies of the topology of the state-of-the-art power electronics guarantee minimal losses, thus guaranteeing a very long service life thanks to extremely low self-heating levels.




 StecaGrid 3011_2
DC input side (PV generator)
Maximum input voltage750V
Operating input voltage range125V ... 600V
Operating input voltage range at rated power230 V ... 600 V
Number of MPP trackers2
Maximum input current2 x 13.0 A
Maximum short-circuit current15 A
Maximum input power at maximum active output power3070W
AC output side (Network Connection)
Grid voltage185 V ... 276 V (depending on locale)
Nominal grid voltage230V
Maximum output current14.0 A
Maximum active power (cos phi = 1)3000W
Maximum apparent power3000 VA
Rated power3000W
Rated frequency50 Hz and 60 Hz
Frequency45 Hz ... 65 Hz (depending on locale)
Loss of power at night< 3W
Feeding phasesPhase
Total harmonic distortion (cos phi = 1)< 3%
Power factor cos phi0.8 capacitive ... 0.8 inductive
Characterization of operational performance
Efficiency97,0 %
European efficiency96,3 %
MPP Efficiency> 99.7% (static), > 99% (dynamic)
Self-consumption< 20W
Power downgrading to full power of45 °C (T amb )
Insulation principleno galvanic insulation, without transformer
Network Monitoringyes, integrated
Residual current monitoringyes, built-in (The design of the inverter prevents it from causing a DC leakage current)
protection classprotection class 2 (RCD typ A sufficient)
Operating conditions
Scope of applicationexterior & interior
Climate protection class according to IEC 60721-3-44K4H
Room temperature-25 °C ... +60 °C
Storage temperature-30 °C ... +80 °C
Relative humidity0 % ... 100%, non-condensing
Noise emission (typical)31 dBA
Assembly and construction
Degree of protectionIP 65
Surge categoryIII (CA), II (CC)
DC input side connectionPhoenix Contact SUNCLIX (2 pairs)
AC output side connectionWieland RST25i3 jack, corresponding connector included
Dimensions (X x Y x Z)399 × 657 × 222 mm
Ballast14.0 kg
Interface de CommunicationRS-485 (1 x RJ45 socket; connectable to Meteocontrol WEB'log or Solar-Log™, Ethernet interface (1 x RJ45), Modbus RTU (1 x RJ45 socket: connectable to the energy meter)
Built-in DC circuit breakeryes, VDE 0100-712 compliant
Cooling principletemperature-controlled fan, variable speed, internal (dustproof)
Test Certificatesee download the certificate on the product page


Inverter power3000 VA