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Enphase mounting clip


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Enphase mounting clamp: a frame connection solution for faster, easier and more economical installations.

Available in 35mm and 40mm.

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Enphase mounting clip

Step by step mounting clamp in phase


  1. Place the mounting frame clip on the edge of the module frame.

  2. Screw the screw into the holder insert, then slide the notch of the microinverter through the screw.

  3. Slide the assembly under the clip, then move it slightly to the left. The screw holds the support frame and the clamp. The mounting flange of the microinverter must be outside the module frame.

Available in 35mm and 40mm.


Enphase microinverters are directly compatible with the framed modules

  • Allows microinverters to be attached directly to the module frames. This greatly simplifies implementation in both residential and tertiary systems
  • Available in two sizes compatible with most modules


Faster installations

  • Ground preparation, then transport complete modules on the roof for quick and easy installation
  • Microinverter connection in 3 easy steps


A more economical system

  • Reduced material costs, since this system requires fewer components than any other solution
  • Decrease installation time by connecting faster and more efficiently


Greater reliability

  • Use of anodized aluminum for a solid and non-oxidizable mounting clamp
  • Specifically designed for Enphase Energy solutions, the world leader in microinverters

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