Meter Solax single-phase and three-phase

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Bidirectional meter for use in the storage system or the implementation of a dynamic power control.
Compatible with: Solax SK-SU / X 3-hybrid / X 3 - 4.0 - 10.0 - T

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Smart meter for electrical single-phase and three-phase systems


The unit measures and shows the characteristics of the power supply single-phase two-wire (1p2w), three-phase three-wire (3p3w) and three-phase four-wire (3p4w), including tension, frequency, current, power, active and reactive energy, imported or exported. Energy is measured in kWh, kVArh. The maximum application current can be measured over periods preset up to 60 minutes. To measure the energy, the device needs inputs of voltage and current in addition to the power needed to supply the product.

SDM630Modbus supports MAX 100A direct connection, saves the cost and avoids external CTs connection problems, which gives the device a simple and economical operation. provides integrated interfaces RS485 Modbus RTU and pulse outputs. 



• Measure Kvarh kWh, KW, Kvar, KVA, P, F, PF, Hz, dmd, V, A, etc.
• Two-way IMP & EXP£
• Two output pulses
• Assembly on Din 35 mm rail
• Direct connection 100a
• Best accuracy class 1 / B



The unit can measure and display:


-Voltage sector and THD% (total harmonic distortion) of all phases
-Line frequency
-Currents, current applications and THD current % of all phases
-Power, maximum power demand and power factor
-Active energy imported and exported







Weight (kg) 0.4
Length (mm) 100
Width (mm) 76
Height (mm) 66



Connection diagram 



Three-phase three sons and four sons



Single-phase two-wire 



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Weight0,4 kg
Width76 mm
Height100 mm
Thickness66 mm