3kW hybrid inverter injection network - Multisolar storage


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- Power 230V: 3000W
- Charge controller 25A (48V)
- AC Pure Sinus Release
- Controlled by microprocessor
- Built-in MPPT Tracker
- Backlit LCD screen


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MultiSolar: Store in your batteries and re-inject the bare minimum on the network, provided the batteries are full.

conversely use the network to fill the winter production gap and make a little extra on the batteries when the rainy days follow.

Make the most of your production and no longer fear any power outages.

Simply plug the panel line down from the roof to the 'linkpopup id'inverturHybride' (max 3 kWc)

Store and use your solar electricity later.

Production curve

3kW hybrid inverter injection network - Multisolar storage



MultiSolar high-performance inverter to manage a hybrid electrical installation. 

Connect solar panels, batteries, and optional network input to power your facility

Enjoy the best performance with its built-in mppt tracker, as well as a comfortable use with its compact design and intuitive LCD screen.


  • Pure sinusoidal wave output, 3kW
  • Controlled by microprocessor for stability
  • Multiple operations: Connected to the network, off-grid and connected to the network with backup power
  • Built-in solair charger
  • Backlit LCD screen for simple, interactive use
  • Multiple means of communication
  • "Green" alternative to generators
  • User-adjusted load intensity, up to 25A

General features


Nominal power3000W
Physical characteristics 
Size (mm)  420 X 415 X 170
Weight (kg)15.5
Communication port  RS 232/USB
humidity0 - 90%
Temperature running0th - 40C
altitude0 - 1000m 

Explanatory manual

How it works on grid


PV Entry (DC) 
DC rated voltage - Maximum tension  360 V DC - 500 V DC
Start-up tension150 V DC
Voltage range mppt250 V DC - 450 V DC
Maximum intensity input13A
AC Entry 
Nominal tension output208/220/230/240 V AC
Beach tension output184 - 265 V AC
Nominal Intensity Output13.6 A 
Maximum return> 95.5%
Rated power yield> 94.5%

Operating off grid


AC Entry
Start-up tension120 - 140 V AC / 185 V AC
Entry voltage range accepted175 - 280 V AC
Max AC Intensity20A
PV Entry (DC)
Maximum tension500 V DC
Voltage range mppt250 V DC - 450 V DC
Max intensity13A
AC battery mode output
Nominal tension output208/220/230/240 V AC
Exit signal  Pure Sinus
Yield (DC to AC)92%

Bottom of the inverter

Hybrid operation   


PV Entry (DC)
DC rated voltage - max voltage360 V DC - 500 V DC
Start-up tension116 V DC - 450 V DC
Max intensity13A
AC output
Nominal output voltage 208/220/230/240 V AC
Voltage range mppt250 V DC - 450 V DC
Max intensity13A
AC Entry
Ac Start-Up Tension140 V AC - 194 V AC
Beach voltage input184 - 265 V AC
Maximum intensity input20 A
AC battery mode output
Tension out208/220/230/240 V AC
Yield (DC to AC)92%
Battery and charger
Nominal tension48 V DC
Max charge bear intensity25 A

 multisolar 3000 production

 1500Wc Poly Solar Kit Operating Scheme - 200Ah48V - 3000W


schema kit 3000 hybrideschema kit 3000W hybride
shema kit 3000W hybrideschema kit 3000W hybride

Remote control and inverter configuration 


Connect the inverter to your computer with the USB cable provided.

SolarPower software allows the control and tracking of multiple devices via the local network, internet or USB. 

Alert notifications, pop-up screen, text messages and email.




Parameter settings


Power3000 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséMonophasé
Nombre de MPPT1 MPPT