Fronius Checkbox 500V


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The Fronius Checkbox 500V connects the Fronius Symo Hybrid to the lG Chem RESU H external battery.

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The Fronius Checkbox 500V ensures the reliability of Fronius Energy Package with LG Chem RESU H, even in exceptional situations.
Because the battery is designed for 500V and the inunlator is designed for 1000V, the Fronius Checkbox 500V measures voltage and separates the battery in the event of an unlikely failure.
The inundor and battery cannot be connected directly, as surges can occur in the event of an error, which can lead to an unsecured state.




Environmental conditions
Protection indexHas
Temperature allowed-25 C to 60 degrees Celsius
Maximum altitude2,000m
Humidity of the air allowed0-100% (no condensation)
setting up Inside and outside (wall mounting)
Electrical specifications
Maximum entry tension  
UpsUdc max in_INV1,000 V
drumsUdc max. out_BAT500 V
Maximum current Idc max. in/max. Out16 A
Clean consumption 450 V1.9W
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions H x l x P 26 x 19 x 7.5 cm
weight 1.34 kg
Standards and guidelines
Standards and guidelines applied DBT (2014/53/EU), CIS 62109-1 
Connection technology MC4 connector, M6 stud for grounding



Maximum PV input voltage1000 V
Weight1,34 kg
Open circuit voltage (Voc)500V
Width260 mm
Height190 mm
Thickness75 mm