Single-phase hybrid inverter Sofar Solar ESI 5 kVA - ESI 5K-S1


Boost your energy with the Sofar ESI 5 kVa hybrid inverter, designed for the future. Benefit from a 5-year warranty and maximize your potential with its two MPPT inputs.

Sofar Solar BTS 5K lithium batteries are available separately for a complete energy solution.

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Présentation onduleur ESI Sofar Solar

Single-phase hybrid inverter Sofar Solar ESI 5 kVA - ESI-5K-S1

Discover excellence in solar energy conversion with the Sofar ESI photovoltaic inverter. Designed by solar industry leader Sofar Solar, this inverter represents the pinnacle of modern solar technology.

Maximum reliability: The Sofar ESI inverter is synonymous with reliability and durability. Designed with high-quality components, it ensures flawless operation under the most demanding conditions.

Outstanding efficiency: enjoy optimum conversion of solar energy into electricity thanks to the superior efficiency of the Sofar ESI inverter. Every ray of sunlight is captured and transformed into usable electrical power to meet your energy needs.

Advanced versatility: The Sofar ESI inverter offers remarkable versatility, adapting to a variety of applications and system configurations. Whether for residential or commercial installations, it meets your needs with flexibility and efficiency.

Advanced features : Equipped with advanced features such as two MPPT inputs, the Sofar ESI inverter maximizes the yield of your solar system, allowing you to exploit the full potential of your photovoltaic installation.

Quality guarantee: Sofar Solar guarantees quality. Enjoy total peace of mind with an extended warranty on your Sofar ESI inverter, ensuring years of reliable, worry-free performance.

Opt for solar excellence with the Sofar ESI photovoltaic inverter and transform your solar energy into a clean, renewable source of electricity for your home or business.

Sofar PowerAll

All-in-one residential energy storage system with integrated hybrid inverter
SofarSolar's high-voltage battery system consists of 1 to 6 BTS 5K battery modules and an ESI 3...6K-S1 single-phase hybrid inverter.
Up to six units can be connected in parallel, enabling a configuration of up to 36 kW and 180 kWh.

Intelligent energy management

The battery modules feature an integrated battery management system and power control unit. The SOFAR PowerALL can intelligently adjust the battery's output voltage and current according to its state of charge. This increases the available energy capacity.


Battery capacity can be easily expanded thanks to the system's modular, stackable design. Connectable cables make installation quick and easy.


LiFePO4 battery modules are equipped with CATL battery cells. In addition, there are multiple active and passive protection functions, provided by the BMS, the power control unit and the inverter. Fuses are installed on the battery side.

SolarMan Smart

SofarSolar redefines the future of energy with intelligent inverters. Featuring advanced monitoring capabilities, our inverters include WiFi Stick as standard, paving the way for seamless connectivity. Choose your path to efficiency with options such as Ethernet, GPRS or LTE keys. Transform every installation into a digital symphony, where solar power becomes a connected, intelligent and sustainable experience. SofarSolar, your partner for smarter, brighter energy.

Apple Store - Solarman Smart

Android - Google Play - Solarman Smart


Configuration steps:

1. After starting the application, register as a new user or enter your current SOLARMAN access data.
2. Create a new system and save the system data.
3. Scan the stick logger barcode to assign an inverter to the system.
4. Access the newly created system to configure the stick logger (device/logger).
5. Press the WiFi stick button for 1 second to activate the stick's WPS mode so that the smartphone can be connected to the WiFi stick.
6. Now select your local WiFi network for Internet access and enter your WiFi password.
7. The WiFi key is configured with access data.


Data sheet

Number of MPPT
Max. power of photovoltaic panels (Wp)
7500 Wc
Starting voltage
100 V
Nominal mains voltage
L/N/PE, 230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
IEC 62109-1/2, IEC 62040-1, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, IEC 61683, IEC 60068 (1,2,14,30), UN38.3, IEC62619, SAA
EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61000-3-11, EN 61000-3-12
22.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x D)
708 x 410 x 170 mm
Maximum input voltage
550 V
Efficacité pondérée européenne
97,0 %
Nominal input voltage
360 V
Maximum efficiency
97,7 %
Nominal battery voltage
400 V
Maximum charge/discharge current
20 A
MPPT operating voltage range
85-520 V
Max. input current per MPPT
16 / 16 A
Mains voltage range
180 Vac-276 Vac (depending on local standard)
Rated AC power
5000 W
Nominal apparent AC power
5000 VA
AC apparent power Max.
5500 VA
Maximum apparent power (off-grid)
5000 VA
Maximum output power, duration (off-grid)
7500 VA, 10 s
Switching time
+10 ms

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Sofar ESI PowerAll Datash-EN

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Sofar ESI PowerAll FicheTech-FR

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Sofar ESI PowerAll Datablad-NL

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Sofar ESI PowerAll FichaTecn-ES

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Sofar ESI PowerAll Manual-EN

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Sofar ESI PowerAll Manuel-FR

Download (7.39MB)

Sofar Warranty Extension Price

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Config. réseau Solarman PC-FR

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