Single-phase hybrid inverter Sofar Solar HYD5000-EP

    Single-phase hybrid inverter Sofar Solar 5 kVA - HYD5000-EP

    • Various operating modes available
    • Flexible configuration, allowing both lead-acid and lithium batteries
    • Integrated zero-return-to-grid function (self-consumption)
    • IP65 design for outdoor
    • use
    • Intelligent fanless cooling design
    • EPS function (switchover time less than 10 ms)
    • 5-year warranty

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    Single-phase hybrid...


    Single-phase hybrid inverter Sofar Solar HYD5000-EP

    Single-phase hybrid inverter - the perfect solution to enable energy storage in your PV installation with on-grid and off-grid functions.

    The HYD 3000...6000-EP is the new multi-talented hybrid inverter for solar and storage applications. During grid failures, it can provide up to 5 kW of emergency power supply (EPS) in 10 ms thanks to its integrated EPS port. The integrated energy management system features several user-friendly modes, optimizing the user experience, including an automatic self-use mode. Users can also define different time and/or date ranges, or rules for the day of the week. All modes can be easily configured on the large LCD display.

    A WiFi key is supplied with the inverter, for easy connection to the Sofar monitoring portal.

    High efficiency

    - Maximum efficiency of 99.9%.
    - Precise real-time MPPT algorithm for maximum utilization
    - Wide input voltage operating range

    Flexible configuration

    The inverter works with lead (GEL) or lithium batteries.

    Use in back-up mode

    An inverter can be used in "back-up" mode, without the need for photovoltaic panels. In this mode, the UPS assumes the role of an inverter to protect your equipment from grid interruptions. As a result, an inverter protects computers and audiovisual equipment, or any other sensitive load, by providing a constant flow of electrical current. It guarantees a power supply with a switchover time of less than 10 ms, thanks to the EPS function.

    Hybrid mode operation

    The inverter draws power from the grid only when the battery is depleted and solar energy is not producing enough to meet consumption.

    All in one. Flexible, cost-effective system solution

    - Free choice of location thanks to IP65 rating
    - Plug & Play" connection for easy installation and maintenance
    - Interface selection - Wi-Fi / RS485 /GPRS
    - LCD + LED display
    - Integrated zero export function

    Low maintenance costs

    - Detachable lid for easy installation
    - Stainless aluminum covers
    - A flexible control solution

    Standard display

    The display shows all relevant inverter information.

    Wiring and connection

    Sofar HYD

    1. BATTERY - Battery + and - input terminals
    2. OFF / ON - DC switch
    3. PV 1 & PV 2 - Solar inputs (male and female)
    4. WIFI
    5. - GPRS - USB key connection - Wi-Fi
    6. COM - Communication port
    7. Link Port 0 &
    8. 1 - 0 & 1 link port
    9. Grid connection port
    10. Load connection port
    11. External LCD Terminal - External LCD connection port

    Hybrid Inverters: Operating modes

    Self-use mode

    1. If PV production matches consumption, the inverter neither charges nor discharges the battery.
    2. If PV production exceeds consumption, surplus energy is stored in the battery.
    3. If the battery is full or at maximum charging capacity, surplus energy is exported to the grid
    4. .
    5. If PV production is lower than consumption, the battery is discharged to supply energy to loads.
    6. If user energy consumption exceeds PV production, and battery capacity is unable to compensate, the inverter will import energy from the grid.
    7. Supply priority: PV > Battery > Grid
    8. Consumption priority: Loads > Battery > Grid

    Self-use Mode

    Time-of-Use Mode:

    1. The user can define up to four rules on when the battery should be charged.
    2. Each rule can be activated or deactivated and includes time of day, percentage of battery charge (SOC), charging power, efficiency date and days of the week
    3. .

    Time-of-Use Mode

    Timing Mode.

    1. The user can define fixed times of the day to charge or discharge the battery with a given power.
    2. Up to four rules can be defined, and each rule can be activated or deactivated separately for charging or discharging
    3. .

    Timing Mode

    Passive Mode.

    1. Intended for systems with external energy management systems using the Modbus RTU protocol to control the inverter.
    2. If the battery is fully charged or at its maximum charging power, PV production is reduced by adjusting the maximum power point (MPPT).
    3. If PV production is lower than consumption, the battery supplies the loads
    4. .

    EPS Mode (EPS Mode).

    1. When this mode is activated, the inverter supplies energy to loads when it is off-grid, for example when there is no connection to the public grid or during power failures.
    2. If PV production exceeds consumption, the surplus is stored in the battery
    3. .

    EPS Mode

    These modes allow the user to flexibly manage how energy is stored and used, optimizing the use of batteries and solar power generation.


    Optimization of an existing grid-connected installation

    Schéma AC Coupling

    SolarMan Smart

    SofarSolar redefines the future of energy with smart inverters. Equipped with advanced monitoring features, our inverters include WiFi Stick as standard, paving the way for seamless connectivity. Choose your path to efficiency with options such as Ethernet, GPRS or LTE keys. Transform every installation into a digital symphony, where solar power becomes a connected, intelligent and sustainable experience. SofarSolar, your partner for smarter, brighter energy.

    Apple Store - Solarman Smart

    Android - Google Play - Solarman Smart


    Configuration steps:

    1. After starting the application, register as a new user or enter your current SOLARMAN access data.
    2. Create a new system and save the system data.
    3. Scan the stick logger barcode to assign an inverter to the system.
    4. Access the newly created system to configure the stick logger (device/logger).
    5. Press the WiFi stick button for 1 second to activate the stick's WPS mode so that the smartphone can be connected to the WiFi stick.
    6. Now select your local WiFi network for Internet access and enter your WiFi password.
    7. The WiFi key is configured with access data.

    5-year warranty for reliable energy

    Dive into the energy future with confidence with Sofar Solar hybrid inverters, because we guarantee the outstanding performance of our products for 5 years. A symbol of our commitment to quality, this warranty offers the peace of mind you need to fully embrace the potential of hybrid energy, transforming your everyday life into a reliable and sustainable energy experience.


    Battery parameters
    Battery typeLithium-ion,
    Nominal battery voltage48 V
    Battery voltage range42 - 58 V
    Battery capacity50 - 2000 Ah
    Max. charging/discharging power5000 W
    Max. charging current.100
    Max. discharge current100


    Charging curve (lithium-ion)
    (Battery Management System)
    Charging curve (lead-acid)3-level adaptive with maintenance


    Depth of dischargeLithium
    : 0 - 90% DOD adjustable, lead acid:
    0 - 50% DOD adjustable (depth of charge)
    DC input (PV side)
    Recommended maximum PV input power7500 Wp
    Maximum DC power for a single MPPT3750 W
    Maximum input voltage600 V


    Starting voltage100
    Nominal input voltage360 V
    MPPT operating voltage range90 - 550 V
    MPPT voltage range at full power250 - 500 V


    Number of MPP trackers
    Maximum input current per MPPT13 / 13 A


    Short-circuit current
    ircuit per MPPT18 / 18 A
    AC output / input (grid side)
    Rated AC power5000 W
    Maximum AC power output to grid5000 VA

    outputto grid

    Maximum AC power
    10000 VA
    Max AC current output to grid21,7 A
    Max. AC current.
    from mains43.4 A


    Nominal mains voltage
    / N / PE, 230 Vac


    Mains voltage range180 Vac-276 Vac (depending on local standard
    Nominal frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
    Output THDi (at nominal output)<


    Power factor
    default (+/-0.8 adjustable)
    AC output (emergency power supply)
    Maximum apparent power5000 VA
    Peak output power,
    duration6000 VA, 60s
    Maximum output current22.7 A
    Rated voltage, frequency220 V / 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
    THDv (@Symmetrical load)<
    Switching time10 ms default
    MPPT efficiency99.90%
    Maximum solar converter efficiency97,80%
    European solar inverter efficiency97.30%
    Maximum battery charge efficiency94.60%
    Maximum battery discharge efficiency94,60%
    PV reverse polarity protectionYes
    PV insulation detectionYes
    Ground fault monitoringYes

    Overcurrent protectionprotection

    Overvoltage protectionYes
    DC switchOptional
    Firm frequency response functionOptional
    SDP protectionVaristor:
    Type III standard
    General data


    Ambient temperature range
    (over 45℃ derating)
    Standby power consumption<
    10 W
    TopologyHigh-frequency insulation (for battery)


    Degree of


    Permissible humidity range
    CommunicationRS485 / WiFi / Bluetooth / CAN2.0 / Etherrnet
    Protection classClass I
    Maximum operating altitude4000 m
    Current sensor connectionExternal


    <25 dB
    Weight (kg)21.5 kg
    Dimensions482 x 503 x 183 mm
    App via Bluetooth


    Certifications and standards


    EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61000-3-11,
    EN 61000-3-12
    Safety standardsIEC 62109-1 / 2, IEC62040-1, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, IEC 61683, IEC 60068 (1, 2, 14,


    Network standards
    V 0124-100, V 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N 4105, CEI 0-21, EN 50549, G83 / G59 / G98 / G99, UTE C15-712-1, UNE 206 007-1

    Data sheet

    Inverter power
    Video Youtube 1 - ID
    Video Youtube 2 - ID

    Specific References



    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Ficha Tecn-ES

    Download (146.02KB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Certif-VOC-EN

    Download (287.85KB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Certif-ES

    Download (264.45KB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Manual-EN

    Download (3.56MB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Manual-ES

    Download (3.89MB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Manuel-FR

    Download (3.93MB)

    Modif. Normes pays Sofar - FR

    Download (493.72KB)

    Connexion Wi-Fi SOFAR Solar

    Download (628.17KB)

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