Double DC Cut-out and lightnin protection box View full size

Double DC Cut-out and lightnin protection box


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Double Cut-out and protection box specifically designed for residential photovoltaic systems.

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Double Cut-out and protection box specifically designed for residential photovoltaic systems with 2 inverters :

• DC box equipped for 2 inverters with two switch disconnectors of the brand Kraus & Naimer. It is quick and convenient to install because it is equipped with Wago spring terminals that facilitate connection to the inverter. Two DC surge arrester protect the system.




2 Switch Disconnectors3-pole 20A-1000V DCSectioning
2 Surge Arresters

Type 2 photovoltaic 1000V DC In 15kA Imax 40A

Protects against surges

4 pre-wired  MC4 sockets

Allows the connection of 2 strings (1 string on each switch *)

Connection strings DC

Terminal block3 inputs 16mm² / 2 inputs 10 mm²Grounding

Complies with C15-712-1 

18 modules L270xl418xP148mm
Protection sign: 
IP 65 Outdoor Installation.

• Spring terminals 6 to 10mm2 for easy connection. 
• Cable gland assembly. 
• Single-line diagram 
• Labeling according to UTE standards 
• Individual cardboard packaging

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