AC Parafoudre Box


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A parafoudre box designed to protect the equipment of a home photovoltaic installation from lightning and power surges.

Available in single-phase or three-phase.

Compliance with NF EN 61 643-11 (-12)

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AC Parafoudre Box


AC Parafoudre Box


The lightning protection box of AC equipment

With AC 3P-N type 2 parafoudre and differential for the three-phase model 

With a coaking AC 1P-N type 2 and differential for the single-phase model

Mounted and pre-wired in IP65 box





The one-phase or three-phase AC parafoudre cabinet assembled by Wattuneed is designed to protect photovoltaic installations downstream of the DC/AC converter.


The three-phase aC single-phase set consists of a modular box in which are mounted and pre-wired: 


1 30mA differential block

1 AC type 2 parafoudre

1 25A circuit breaker


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