Automatic decoupling device ENS26


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Automatic decoupling device between a power generation facility in parallel with the grid and the low-voltage public grid.

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Security interface between a photovoltaic installation and the grid 



Network decoupling box




Automatic decoupling device not accessible to the distribution system operator, acting as a security interface between a self-generation installation and the low-voltage network.
Substitute equivalent to a decoupling device accessible at any time to the distribution system operator.

The automatic decoupling device can control and protect electrical installations up to 5kW of power at low cost.

It is used to connect decentralized power producers to public electricity safely

The device was designed as an independent unit for monitoring single-phase power systems. it prevents blackouts or shutdowns of the public distribution of electricity.





Certificate of conformity: DIN VDE 0126


Operation of the automatic decoupling device

operating diagram of the decoupling device





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