Differential switch type A 2P 63A 300ma View full size

Differential switch type A 2P 63A 300ma


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Differential switch type A 2P 63A 300ma

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Differential switch type A 4P 63A 300ma



Differential switches are devices that are placed in front of them and protect against leakage currents to earth unacceptable. They protect people against electric shock.

In case of a leakage current with a residual pulsating direct current, an imbalance appears in the primary coil of the toroid, thereby generating a residual magnetic field in the core. This residual magnetic field in turn generates a voltage and a current in the secondary coil which solicits over. The relay in turn solicits the release device and open the contacts under spring pressure.



  • Type A; Type AS
  • In nominal current (A) 16, 25, 40, 63, 80, 100
  • Fault current (mA) 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1000
  • Voltage Rating A 2P: 230 V; 4P: 230/400 V
  • Minimum operating voltage UBmin 2P: 127 V; 4P: 190 V
  • Lifetime mechanical / electrical 20000/10000
  • IEC 60068-2-28 following Tropicalisation / 2-30 DIN 40046 95% RH under 55 ° C
  • Range, max. son flexible / rigid 35-50 mm ²
  • Poles 2, 4
  • Resistance to shock waves Type A: 250A 8/20 .mu.s; 200A 0,5?s - 100kHz; Type S: 3000A 8/20 .mu.s
  • Ambient temperature -25 to 55 ° C
  • 2P weight: 220 g; 4P: 385 g


Switching characteristic


  • According to EN 61008
  • Rated current on / off switching Im = 500A
  • Rated residual current on / off switching I?m?500A for 16 to 40A; I?m = 800A to 100A at 63
  • Protection against short-circuit protected by fuse = 10000A Inc at 230 / 400V 80A fuse gG
  • Withstands I²t A²s 22500 - 3000A
  • All Diff-o-Jump appliances match these values. Only for devices up to 40A values are screen printed. Depending on RGIE these values should not appear on appliances over 40A.




  • input terminal
  • switch: fixed and moving contact
  • torus with primary and secondary windings
  • relay
  • output terminal
  • command button: with freewheel mechanism solicits switch
  • pushbutton test




  • auxiliary contacts
  • Module Remote Trigger
  • Coil undervoltage
  • Door contact
  • motor control
  • Busbar systems




L'interrupteur différentiel (Diff-o-Jump type A et type S) sont conformes aux normes NBN EN 61008 et NBN 819 et ont reçu sur base des ces normes l'agrément CEBEC. Dans les normes NBN, un interrupteur différentiel porte la dénomination disjoncteur de terre à dispositif différentiel. Le Diff-o-Jump répond aux normes internationales IEC 1008 et EN61008.




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