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Electronic card dedicated to communication with PowerBrick batteries

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SOC Monitor PowerTech


The SOC Monitor is a monitoring device for lithium batteries. It incorporates a precision shunt (0.2 milliohm) that provides better accuracy than Hall-effect sensors. This device can be used to measure voltage and current with great accuracy and estimate the SOC (State of charge) of a battery with great accuracy. battery with great precision.

All information (tension, current, SOC) is sent to an external controller via several communication protocols. external controller. Settings such as the rated capacity of the battery can be configured by sending a simple command to the device.



Features: SOC Monitor PowerTech

Measuring the current

The device incorporates a high-precision shunt resistance that allows you to measure both small currents and larger ones.
bigger. For greater accuracy, the software calibrates the current on small and large currents.
If the current to be measured is greater than 100A, it is possible to connect an external shunt resistance through the connector.
through the connector.


Measuring battery voltage

The device measures the battery voltage every second. Good precision is achieved by calibrating the two voltage measurements, large and small.


Measuring temperature

The monitor can measure an external temperature. In this case, a "thermistance" must be plugged into the "THERMISTOR" connector.




Several means of communication are integrated into the SOC Monitor:

Insulated CAN Bus (2.5kV)
LED display (SOC information only)
PWM (SOC information only)


Port series:

RS232 (switch to position 232/485).
RS485 (MODBUS switch on position 232/485).
Bluetooth (switch on the BLE position).
TTL (switch on TTL position).




SOC size




Battery type
12V - 24V - 36V - 48V
consumption5.6mA - 17mA
Current measurement range
0 - 100A with internal Shunt
>100A with external Shunt
Tension measurement range5.5V - 60V
Tension resolution20mV
Power resolution
10mA (0-10A) and 100mA (10A-100A)
Time information range
0 minute - 255 hours 59 minutes
Message delivery period
1s: TTL / RS232 /Bluetooth /CAN_ISO
(The settings can be changed)
On request: MODBUS
Time between messages
10ms: TTL / RS232 / Bluetooth
1s: CAN_ISO (Parameter can be modified)
Timer calculates the capacity used
Every 100 ms
Power connector
2 M8 connectors welded to pcB
Power connector
1 connector with 2 contacts "ALIM
Port RS232
1 "RS232" 3-contact connector.
Port RS485
1 "RS485" 3-contact connector.
Isolated PORT CAN (2.5kV)
1 connector with 3 "CAN" contacts
Port TTL
1 connector with 3 "TTL" contacts
Port I2C
1 connector with 2 "I2C" contacts.
Thermistance entrance
1 connector with 2 "THERMISTOR" contacts.
Input external shunt resistance
1 connector with 2 "SHUNT EXT" contacts.
Low-energy V4.2
dimension56 × 113 mm








Type de matériel électriquePorte-fusible DC