Wind turbine ANTARIS 2.5 kW


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The high performance Antaris 2.5Kw wind turbine is designed in Germany.

It is ideal for a domestic installation

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" Made in Germany 2.5 Kw wind turbine "


Wind turbine ANTARIS 2.5 kW

The ANTARIS wind turbine is a wind energy system that is ideally suited to inland sites. It is designed specifically for feeding power into the grid, charging batteries (24 V / 48 V etc.) and for supporting heating systems.

Thanks to its extremely robust and well thought-out design the ANTARIS wind turbine system is also suitable for stormy regions, with different optional repeller diameters (2.30 - 6.40 m).

The hand-laminated repeller blades benefit from a computer-designed aerodynamic profile. Needless to say, each blade is statically and dynamically balanced, carries an identification number and comes with relevant documentation.

The drive system of the ANTARIS small wind turbine system follows a simple logic: Fewer rotating components reduce the mechanical load and increase the technical operating life.

The maintenance and servicing is reduced (including less wearing parts, no gearbox oil change) and the operating costs drop.  The rotor hub and permanent magnet generator are directly connected together as a fixed unit without gears. The rotor unit is mounted on a rotating axis with a high-strength material. In comparison with conventional gearing systems with numerous bearings in the moving drive train the ANTARIS operates with two relatively slow running rolling-contact bearings.

The same applies for the tilting unit, which is only activated by the wind and thus operates absolutely free of wear. For safety the ANTARIS has two high-quality stainless steel mufflers installed, which protect the corresponding end stops. The steels used are all provided with a test certificate, which documents the grade of the steel.

The welding joints are only carried out by certified welders. After the blanks have been manufactured all steel parts are galvanised under high temperature. This galvanising process has significant advantages for corrosion protection compared to conventional (hot-dip galvanisation) galvanisation processes. With the high-temperature galvanisation we offer you the most effective method for protecting all parts against corrosion that are responsible for safety and operation under taxing demands of the elemental weather conditions.

Technical Specifications





  • Permanent-magnet rotor, brushless, gearless, maintenance-free
  • Extremely strong permanent magnets for a high level of efficiency
  • (NdFeBo permanent magnets, resistent to temperatures up to 150° C)
  • 3-phase current
  • Separate rectifier
  • Either direction of rotation
  • Voltage 0-400 V
  • Start of feed-in at approx. 145 rpm
  • Power: 2.700 watts at 380 rpm and 330 V
  • Evenly rising power curve
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Aluminium housing, surface cooling, base anchoring
  • Gondola housing in GR
  • Protection class IP56




  • Hub connection with aluminium flange and pressure-relief plate
  • Stainless-steel screw connections with locknuts
  • Three rotor blades in glass-fibre / carbon-fibre laminate
  • Computer-designed aerodynamic profile
  • Winglets on blade tips to minimise noise
  • Approx. 3.00 m in diamater (optionally 2.35 m)
  • Weight of each blade: approx. 3.2 kg
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Direction of rotation anticlockwise viewed from front
  • Max. rotational speed 410 rpm
  • GRP spinner cap
  • Rotor colour to client specification

Support element comprising


  • Wind vane (weatherproof HDPE, off-white, slightly transparent)
  • Square stainless-steel tube as support element
  • All screw connections in stainless steel and fitted with locknuts
  • Steel bracket as support for generator, configured for plug-in connection with azimuth bearing, fully galvanised
  • Protected by patented rotor-blade positioning system
  • Mast adapter with flange connector (tube 114.3 mm)

Storm protection


  • Rotor-blade positioning (“helicopter position”)
  • Control electronics with turbine controller

Control cabinet


  • Control system with voltage monitor
  • 1-phased grid-feed in (1 x Windy Boy 1700)
  • Control electronics with 3-phased turbine controller
  • Connections / plug connectors protected against polarity reversal
  • Controlling of the alternator phases during turbinemode
  • Emergency-OFF switch
  • Reset switch with key (removable)
  • Rectifier, display etc.
  • 3.0 kW braking resistance

wind turbine diagram wind speedwind turbine diagram wind speed

In option:


SMA Windy Boy 1700 Inverter

SMA Windy Boy 1700 Inverter

Ideal for small wind turbine systems: The programmable polynomial curve of the Windy Boy1700 inverters allows optimal adjustment to the turbine characteristic curve and thus increases the yield. The weatherproof enclosure and the wide temperature range allow for installation at almost any location.

The devices are optimally adjusted to fast and frequent load changes and, with the Windy Boy Protection Box, provide the perfect interface for any turbine. Using the integrated display and different communication interfaces you can monitor all plant values at any time.

 SMA Windy Boy 1700 Inverter


  • Improved yields via polynomial curves
  • Free choice of installation site
  • Certified for the most countries (SMA Grid Guard)
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Compatible with Windy Boy Protection Box 400



Max DC power1850w
Max input voltage400V/180V
Turbine mode voltage range139V-400V
Max input current12,6A
Max output current8,6A
Max efficiency93,5%/91,7%
Dimensions440 x 339 x 214 mm