Victron EasySolar 12/1600/70 - 24/1600/40

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Victron EasySolar 12V / 24V. 

EasySolar combines 

  • MPPT 100/50 solar charge controller, 
  • a Multiplus charger/converter 12/1600/70 or 24/1600/40 
  • and an AC distribution in one case. 

This product is easy to install, with minimal wiring. 

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" EasySolar 12 V and 24 V: the all-in-one solar energy solution  "


An all-in-one solar energy solution:

The EasySolar combines a solar charge controller, charger/converter and AC distribution in a single case. This product is easy to install, with minimal wiring.

Solar charge controller: BlueSolar mppt 75/50 and 100/50

Up to three chains of PV panels can be connected to three sets of PV mc4 connectors. (PV-ST01).


The converter/ charger: MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70 or 24/1600/40

The charge controller and MultiPlus Compact converter/charger share CC battery cables (included). Batteries can be charged by solar energy (BlueSolar) and/or by AC power (converter/charger) from the public grid or from a generator.

Distribution AC

The AC distribution consists of one RCD (30 mA/16 A) and four AC exits protected by two 10A circuit breakers and two 16A. An output of 16 A is controlled by the AC input: it will only be switched on if an AC source is available.


PowerAssist's unique technology protects grid or generator power from the risk of overload by adding additional converter power if necessary.

Unique solar application software

Several software (Assistants) are available to set up the system for multiple applications that are autonomous or interacting with the network. Please see

Technical features

Technical features


Charge power70A
Voltage12V / 24V
Power1600 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséTriphasé