Solar floor lamp - AUTONOMOUS LED WU 50W 18V - Panel 150W


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LED solar lamp 50W - 18 Volts fully autonomous thanks to its solar panel 150Wp.

The solar panel is steerable (rotation or forward-backward tilt) to position the panel according to the sun and ensure optimal recharging of the battery included in the floor lamp. The solar spot is easy to fix and is completely autonomous.



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Lampadaire solaire - LED autonome WU 50W 18V - Panneau 150W 

Solar led floor lamp 50W 18V fully autonomous!


Its solar spot with a power of 50 Watt is perfectly suitable for the lighting of your yard, parking, driveway or as street lighting without recourse to the public electricity network.

This solar lamp is fully autonomous thanks to its 80Wp solar panel and its integrated battery. Convenient to light up places not connected to the grid at a lower cost or to save on your power consumption by using solar energy. Ideal to replace your old high-consumption spots!

  • Charging time (in direct sunlight): 7 hours
  • Lighting time: 2 - 3 days
  • Recommended height for installation: 5-10 meters
  • Recommended distance between streetlights: 10-30 meters

Be careful, the matte is not included in this product! For any request, please contact

lampadaire avec panneau solaire inclinable et rotatif

Adjustable 150Wp photovoltaic panel


A solar panel is integrated on the top of the floor lamp. The peculiarity of this panel is that it is fully adjustable (360° rotation and front-rear inclination) to ensure correct exposure of the entire panel surface regardless of its location, unlike some fixed panel floor lamps.

  • Monocrystalline cells
  • Power: 150 Wc
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Aluminum frame
  • Vmp: 18.0V
  • Imp: 2.78A
  • Voc: 21.6V
  • Isc: 3.02 A
  • Dimensions: 1320 x 666 x 30 mm

Spot solaire d'une puissance de 50W 

Solar spot with a power of 50W 


Thanks to the LED lamp with a power of 50W, it is possible to illuminate parking lots, alleys, streets,...

The recommended distance between the streetlights is between 10 and 30 meters.



  • Use: street lighting
  • Color temperature: 3000-6500 K
  • LSE luminous flow: 7200-7500 Lm
  • LED amount: 40pcs
  • LED chip : Bridgelux
  • CIRB: maw 70Ra
  • Control voltage: 5V

Eclairage de rue LED : Batterie solaire Lithium de 580 Wh


580 Wh Lithium solar battery


The lamp has a high capacity Lithium battery for the storage of energy accumulated during the day.

Service life: 5 to 8 years (≥ 2000 charging and discharging cycles)

High heat resistance


Dimensions of the solar spot 

Dimensions du spot solaire 



 WU 65WU 80WU 100WU 150WU 100MORE
hardwareMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline silicon
Monocrystalline silicon
Solar cell efficiency19-20%19-20%19-20%19-20%19-20%
capacity210WH340 WH420WH575WH650WH
Charging cycle time2000 times2000 times2000 times2000 times2000 times
luminous flux3000-3500lm4500-5000lm6000-6500lm7200-7500lm8400-9600lm
Light output20W30W40W20060W
Amount of LEDs105 pieces105 pieces105 pieces105 pieces105 pieces
LED chipBridgelux
Color temperature3000-6000K
Lamp head materialAluminum alloy
Elevation angle12° (be careful with the use of Dialux)
Light control voltage5V
Light distributionBatwing lens with polarized light
Beam angleX axis: 140° Y axis: 50
Lighting time (full charge)2-3 rainy days
Operating temperature-20°C~60°C
Upper mast diameter80mm
Mounting height5-8m 7-12m7-12 m
Facility spacing10-20m20-30m

Example of the use of the 50W solar floor lamp


Exemple d'utilisation du lampadaire solaire 50W


Type of needSelf-Use Lighting Kits
Wind TurbinWithout
Battery storageWith storage
Number of panels1 panel
Type de LEDKit éclairage autonome
Lighting power50W
Panel typeRigids
Max. Power - Wp150 Toilet
Max. power voltage18 V
BatteryKit with battery