12V60Ah Lithium Battery


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12V60Ah Lithium iron-phosphate accumulators Battery


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 " 12V60Ah Lithium battery "



batterie lithium 12V60Ah


Lithium iron-phosphate accumulators Battery

Winston Battery produces modern lithium iron-phosphate accumulators. Exide accumulators Winston are totally safe, inexpensive and with long operational lifetime which makes them have top positions in the world market.

This battery do not require any maintenance.







Main advantages of lithium batteries are:

  • high power capacity
  • long operational lifetime
  • fire and explosion safety
  • low self-discharge
  • lack of memory effect
  • wide temperature range
  • possibility of a quick charge by heavy currents
  • easy to use


winston lithium battery
batterie lithium 12v60Ah













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Battery capacity60 Ah