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Battery electrolyte

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Battery electrolyte (sulfuric acid solution between 31% and 38%).

Suitable for "dry" batteries.
Can of 30 liters.

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Battery electrolyte (sulfuric acid solution between 31% and 38%) "


Sulphuric acid for battery.

Acid for batteryCan of 30 liters.
Handle with extreme caution.
Sulphuric acid for battery.

WARNING: Corrosive and dangerous. imperative to use rubber gloves and eye protection.

After contact with skin, wash immediately and thoroughly with clean water. Suitable for the first filling of a battery delivered without acid. Fill up the battery using a funnel. When the full is completed (Each element of the battery must be filled), let the battery rest for several hours. Charging is done automatically by electrolysis; It is therefore not necessary to perform a battery charge before use.