Pylontech control module SC-0500-100S


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Battery management system used to control LiFePO4 H48050 batteries. 
It allows you to efficiently connect and manage the charge and discharge of each battery module. 
This model is used in the POWERCUBE X1 high voltage battery.

Indispensable from 4 batteries to ensure communication between them. 

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Background BMS Pylontech SC-0500-100S

SC0500-100S battery management system


Pylontech BMS Kit SC-0500-100S

PowerCube-X1 is a high voltage battery storage system based on an iron phosphate lithium battery, is one of the new energy storage products developed and produced by Pylontech, it can be used to support a reliable power supply for different types of equipment and systems. PowerCube-X1 is particularly suited to high-power, small footprint, reduced lift and long-lived applications.

It manages and monitors cell information, including voltage, current and temperature. In addition, BMS can balance the load and discharge of cells to prolong the duration of the cycle. Several batteries can be connected in parallel to increase capacity and power in parallel for greater capacity and longer power supporting duration requirements.



BMS Pylontech SC-0500-100SThe battery management system (BMS) has protective functions, including against excessive discharges, overloads, over-power and high/low temperatures.
The system can automatically manage the state of charge and discharge and balance the current and voltage of each cell.
The control module has two types of power: internal power and external power.




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Controller operating voltage100/430Vdc
How the VOltage system works100/430Vdc
Charge Current (Max.) (A)100
Discharge voltage (Vdc)100/430
Discharge Current (Max.) (A)100
Auto - Consumer Power (W)8
Dimensions (L x P x H, mm)442*390*132
Protective classIP20
Weight (Kg)8.2
Device life15 years
Running temperature-20/65oC
Storage temperature-40/80oC
Product certificateT-V,CE