Hybrid inverter 3kW network injection - storage WKS i3.6


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Hybrid inverter 3.6kW network injection - storage WKS i3.6

  • 4' LCD screen
  • Applciation available. WI-FI
  • 5 years warranty


The extended warranty available in the options only covers the manufacturer's troubleshooting of the inverter and not the cost of transporting the device.
Transport is the responsibility of the buyer.

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Onduleur hybride 3kW - injection réseau - stockage. Augmentez votre autoconsommation 


High efficiency

  • Accurate real-time MPPT algorithm for maximum power generation
  • Wide operating range of the input voltage
  • Independent MPPT double tracking, flexible solar roof system design.


Reliable and safe

  • High efficiency, low energy loss, low maintenance
  • High frequency isolation between battery and PV network
  • Advanced battery management technology to protect battery life


Easier operation

  • Free choice of site thanks to the IP65
  • Clear and easy-to-read 4' LCD screen
  • Easy monitoring on phone (APP) and PC (web)


Multiple modes of operation

  • PV and all-in-one storage, increases self-consumption to more than 80%, decreases dependence on the electricity grid and reduces the electricity bill.
  • Autonomous mode (like UPS) available, ensures safe operation of critical loads.
  • Selection of several operating modes: automatic mode, usage time mode, timeout mode, passive mode, etc.


Intelligent network management

  • Reactive power capacity
  • Limits AC output when the network frequency is too high or too low.
  • Limits AC output when the network voltage is too high.
  • Built-in zero export function (optional)

Store your solar production


Stockez votre production solaire


Easy installation


Schéma de branchement de l'onduleur



Battery settings
Battery typeLead-acid, Lithium-ion
Rated battery voltage48V
Battery voltage range42-58V
Minimum discharge voltageLithium: (according to BMS), Max 58V
Acid lead: 44.0V
Maximum charging voltageLithium-ion (according to BMS), Max 58V
Acid lead: 58V
Recommended battery200Ah (100-500 Ah optional)
Recommended storage9.6 kWh
Max charging current60A
Charging current range0-65A programmable
Load curve3-stage adaptive with maintenance
Maximum discharge current0-70A programmable
Battery protectionSurge protection / Overcurrent protection / Overheat protection
Depth of dischargeLithium: 0-80% adjustable DOD
Acid lead:0-50% adjustable DOD
PV settings
Maximum input power3500W4790W4400W5500W6600W
Max DC power supply for single MPPT2000W2400W2600W3000W3500W
The input voltage DC max.600V
Boot DC voltage120V
Rated DC voltage360V
MPPT working voltage90-580V
DC voltage range at full load160V-520V180V-520V200V-520V300V-520V
Number of MPPT2
The input current DC max.12A/12A
The short circuit of the DC input max.15A/15A
AC settings
Max output power3000W3600W4000W5000W6000W
Max output current13.7A16A18.2A22.8A27.3A
Nominal network voltage and frequency220V, 230V, 240V, 44-55Hz or 54-66Hz
AC voltage range180-2876V (as required by local authorities)
Power factor1 default (+/-0.8 adjustable)
In-call current0.8A/1us
Max output fault current.100A/1us
System Settings
Maximum efficiencyCharge:94.1% / discharge 94.3%
Pending losses<5W (PV SPS)
TopologyHigh frequency insulation
Intrusion Protection RatingsIP 65
Security protectionAnti-islanding, RCMU, ground fault monitoring
CommunicationWi-Fi/GPRS, RS485, SD, CAN2.0
Environmental data
Room temperature30°C + 60°C (Downgrading above +45°C)
Relative humidity range0% - 100% (non-condensing)
Protection classClass I
Maximum operating altitude2000m
Connecting the current transformerWired
General data
Noise<25 dB
Weight20.5 kg
CoolingNatural convection
Dimensions (L*H*P)566x394x173 mm
Display screenLCD
Guarantee5 years or more
EPS (Emergency Power Supply) data
Rated EPS power3000VA
Rated EPS voltage/frequency230V,50/60Hz
Rated current EPS13A
Switching time10 mS by default


Inverter power3600 VA