DC 500V 32A Switch with door clutch View full size

DC 500V 32A Switch with door clutch


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DC 1200V 32A Switch with door clutch

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" Ideal to disconnect the panels from the rest of the installation "



DC 500V - 4P - 32A Switch


DC 500V - 4P - 32A Switch

The switch is used in photovoltaic installations to disconnect the DC side of the installation.
It can be used to open and close while charging.


 Advantages :

  • Reduce the size of the box or location in the inverter.
  • Breaking and closing supported up to 1200 V dc
  • Secure the installation 
  • Door clutch



Technical characteristics


Pole 4P
Max Rated Current 32A
Rated Working Voltage 1200V DC
Rated Current 16A/25A/32A
Tension DC max 1200V DC
Tension AC max 8KV
Service Life/Cycle Operation - Mechanical

 x 20000

Service Life/Cycle Operation - Electrical

 x 500

Tightening Torque


Maximum Cable Cross Sections


Ingress protection


Storage Temperature






Type de matériel électriqueInterrupteur
Type de matériel électriqueSectionneur